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    Sony confirms Paul Feig has signed on to direct and co-write new Ghostbusters film

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    "Ghostbusters" update for Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff now available!

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    Epic Rap Battles of History Season Four preview features nod to Ghostbusters


Ghostbusters of British Columbia release Episode 0.5 of new web series

Get ready for another preview of the Ghostbusters of British Columbia’s upcoming web series!

Check it out below:

Ep 0.5 Job Haunting – An apartment building security guard has an odd night on the job.

Gary Thom
Katy Decobray

Written by
Gary Thom

Sound Edit
Chris Stewart

Camera, Edit, VFX By
Todd Whalen

For additional info, be sure to “like” the Ghostbusters of British Columbia on Facebook.

Hey, Vern… check out this Ghostbusters/Ernest Scared Stupid theme remix

It’s almost Halloween and to help get you in the mood, J-Mi (from J-Mi & Midi-D) has mashed together everything you love about Ghostbusters with the theme song to Ernest Scared Stupid.

We cannot get over how much we love this!

Give it a listen and tell us what you think!

For more info about J-Mi & Midi-D, check out their social media links:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jmiandmidid
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jmiandmidid

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Ghostbusters Pinball for iOS now available!

Who ya gonna call for the best playing pinball on iOS?!

FarSight Studios, the makers of the award winning Pinball Arcade, have created Ghostbusters™ Pinball!

The table is based on the hit movie released in 1984 and its sequel. This game puts you in control of the Ghostbusters crew, featuring Egon, Peter, Ray and Winston, as they battle paranormal foes in New York City. The Playfield is divided into three levels representing iconic settings from the movies: the city, rooftop and subway. Use eight flippers to move the ball through the three levels by shooting up and down ramps, tubes and a manhole as you build up a huge Ghost Bonus. Raise the Slimer Pop Bumper to reveal a ball lock for Multi-Ball and then cross the streams on the roof to destroy the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!

The gameplay is a blast! There are even very detailed instructions and goals to accomplish that help players of all skill levels enjoy all of the table’s features.

It’s free to play all three balls and set high scores to compete on worldwide leader boards. This game is token-based. You get 10 tokens to start with and you earn at least four tokens each day.

Pinball fans with the Pinball Arcade installed earn twice the tokens per day!

We hope you enjoy it!

Download it here!

3DMe offers customizable 3D printed Ghostbusters figurines

Ever want to have a Ghostbusters figure of yourself? Course you have! Now you can turn that dream into a reality as 3DMe just launched their customizable Ghostbusters figurines!

Interested? It’s real simple! Go to this website, upload a photo of yourself (or take a picture using your web cam), choose your hair and you’re done!

Figures are priced at $69.99 and are available in both male and female sexes.

Click here to start making your own figurine!

"Ghostbusters" and "Ghost-Design" are registered Trademarks of Columbia Pictures Industries Inc.