Rare Tsukuda Ghostbusters vinyl figures now on e-Bay

Two of the rarest Ghostbusters items are now available for the next 24 hours on e-Bay. Both the 1/90 Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and a 1/6 Terror Dog made by Tsukuda have found their way online, and you can check out the auctions below.

VERY Rare Tsukuda 1/90 Ghostbusters Marshmallow Man ’84
VERY Rare Tsukuda 1/6 Ghostbusters Terror Dog Figure 84

We usually try and not post e-Bay auctions, but I’m sure this will peak the interest of several ghostheads.

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1 Comment on Rare Tsukuda Ghostbusters vinyl figures now on e-Bay

  1. I picked up the terror dog off ebay before christmas for less then $50 shipped, in a much nicer looking box.

    (I had also checked, and every one that had closed had closed under $45 at the time.)

    I see the terror dog at $76 now plus $25 shipping… thats nuts!

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