Ghostbusters Burlesque show photos now available

While it’s been either loved or hated upon within the Ghostbusters community, tonight we bring you photos from Epic Win‘s Ghostbusters themed Burlesque show that was put on this past week.

Before viewing the below pictures, we’d like to warn some of you that after seeing one of these shots in particular, you may never be able to look at Slimer the same way ever again… you’ve been warned!

We’re actually pretty shocked. Many expected that this would be a pretty sloppy looking performance, but you can actually tell a good amount of time was put into getting this one off the ground and on stage.

Congrats to Epic Win for showing off Ghostbusters love in the world of Burlesque!

Special thanks also go out to the guys at Cross the Streams Radio for sending in the pictures.

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2 Comments on Ghostbusters Burlesque show photos now available

  1. Slimers panties? Let me open up a can of Do Not Want.

  2. From the looks of it, it looked rather stupid, and not the cool and sexy show I was envisioning. Hopefully it was better in person.

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