Fisher Price toy looks familiar

I was walking through my local Wal-Mart earlier today and something caught my eye.

Anyone else see the simularities between the above Fisher Price “alien” and the Real Ghostbusters H2 Ghost?

If you’d like to buy the toy, click here.

3 Comments on Fisher Price toy looks familiar

  1. Don’t tell me that the ripoff H2 Ghost’s green little sidekick isn’t a complete ripoff of the green Spider Ghost that came with Super Fright Features Egon.

  2. ha! awesome!

  3. DAMN! If that isn’t a direct rip-off, I don’t know what is.

    I wonder who owns the rights to the character designs of the toyline-only characters? Hasbro (now owners of Kenner’s name and assets), Sony (owners of the RGB property), or could they have reverted back to the original toy designers?

    Interestingly, Fisher-Price is owned by Mattel, who, of course, currently has the license to make RGB figures…which they’ve done.

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