Artist pays homage to Ghostbusters games for NES + 373 other titles

Artist Campbell Whyte aimed big. He originally set out to paint all 799 games that make up the original Nintendo’s catalogue, but when a chance to put together his own graphic novel came up, Whyte decided to scale the project back a bit and stopped at 375.

Aside from favorite’s like Mario, Zelda, Metroid and Donkey Kong, you’ll find his take on both Ghostbusters II and New Ghostbusters II. Check out both of those images below plus a special video showcasing all 375 pieces. You can also purchase many of the original pieces he drew for this project on his Etsy account.

Source: Kotaku

  • Rolo (GBMx founder)

    At 1:18 you can see the Ghostbusters once again ;)