New shots of rare Extreme Ghostbusters prototypes

Trendmaster Collector Jonathan Shyman is back with even more goodies from the Extreme Ghostbusters line. You can check out prototype images of the Ghost Grabbin Gyro-Copter and the¬†Ghost Blastin Buster Bike below (sitting next to the retail releases), then be sure to head on over to Shyman’s Flickr photostream to see more (page seven features these items).

Left Side: Resin Prototype / Right Side: Production Figure

Left Side: Resin Prototype / Right Side: Final Production Prototype

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New Ghostbusters action figures revealed + first look at 2016 Halloween costumes

2 Comments on New shots of rare Extreme Ghostbusters prototypes

  1. I, too, would love for the entire 40 episodes series to get a DVD release.

    I would not blame the fans for not giving the show and toy line more of a chance. I’d blame Sony for not giving the show a proper outlet, like they did Men In Black: The Series. Both series came out at the exact same time, but MIB was given to Kids WB and EGB was given to Bohbot. Care to guess which one more people saw and was on for years, while virtually no one even knew about the other one because it wasn’t shown during a time when the target audience was home and was only advertised during the 2-hour block of shows in which it aired?

  2. Spenler's Mom // April 30, 2012 at 12:39 pm // Reply

    I really wish that more fans gave this show an toy line more of a chance. Still have my fingers crossed that the series sees a DVD release. I might be the only fan though, a lot of other GB fans just don’t dig this show but I loved it…

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