Screen grabs + comparison shots of Ghostbusters 4K Blu-ray

May 14th is the release of Ghostbusters yet again on Blu-ray. This time it’s being presented in 4K and promises to have a much more crisper and clearer transfer that what was seen in the 2009 release.

A user over at has already received his copy and took the below screen grabs of the film:

Be sure to click here to view additional images from the transfer.

We’ve also managed to put together a few comparison shots, hopefully to help anyone who’s on the fence.

We’d also like the clarify that this release only features the film. No extras are included.

Still curious on what’s the difference between your regular 2009 copy of Ghostbusters and this 4K release? Here’s Sony’s press release on the film:

 The Blu-ray “Mastered in 4K” collection will set a new standard for Blu-ray HD picture and sound, creating the ultimate 1080p home entertainment experience. Created from the highest quality 4K source materials with new expanded color*, consumers can enjoy a brilliant picture with exquisite detail using their existing Blu-ray player or PlayStation®3. The Blu-ray “Mastered in 4K” collection is optimized so that 4K Ultra HD TV owners can take full advantage of the new 4K upscaling technology, delivering an outstanding near-4K experience. “Mastered in 4K” Blu-rays also work with all 1080p HDTVs for spectacular high definition picture and sound.

*Expanded color requires xvYCC-compatible TV and Blu-ray player

Why “Mastered in 4K” Blu-ray?
• Get the best Blu-ray picture possible, mastered from 4K source materials
• Push your TV to the limit with a high bitrate digital transfer for an immersive visual experience
• Ideal solution for new 4K TV owners and great for Blu-ray collectors


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  • avramcohen

    Seriously I could not tell the diff in the screen shots.. 4k is beautiful but the reality is there is NOT enough source to make it worthy at all for a purchase,,,,,,,,,,, yet! Give it a few years then I’ll upgrade!

  • Canastrophy

    I can’t wait for the 8K re-release, or the 12k release, etc.

    As much as I love the movie, I’ve already got it on Laserdisk, DVD, UMD, Blu-Ray.

    I have no intention of buying it again (and again).

  • Jon

    The (slightly) improved clarity is nice, but unfortunately lost shadow detail (in the 4K) is a more noticeable difference. Also as Trekkie said, the ’09 brighter proton streams look nicer to me too.

  • frankie smales

    i’m quite looking forward to this new print of the
    film the transfer looks spooktacular but who realy
    wants to pay ex mounts of dollars or pounds on an blu ray
    crammed with extras when you can find the info about
    the film for the cheaper price of an internet connection these days
    may no wonder why the hd experience in blu ray films
    dont lend themselvs to because of far too many extras
    on an blu ray disc they should have done away with having
    extras like featurettes and etc when you can find the source
    materials for things like this on various film and viral video sites
    but i cant wait to get my copy when it arrives .

    frankie smales

    (frankie smales tv and movie review uk)

  • Trekkie313

    It looks much more like the print/copy I saw in at a theater in 2009 than the previous the Blu-ray or 05 DVD. My only gripe about the new master is that skin tones look a tad too red in some shots and I prefer the brighter proton streams.

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