Matty Collector announces Neutrona Wand prop at San Diego Comic Con

MattyCollector shocked some folks with the announcement of a prop Neutrona Wand at this years San Diego Comic Con. Pictures below + a small write up on the item.

Negative vibrations from ectoplasmic entities bumming you out? Give them a positive blast with your Neutrino Wand! Developed with Sony Entertainment, this authentically detailed wand delivers vibrations and a force kickback when blasted, light-meter animations on the base that ramp up or down depending on how high you’ve adjusted the proton stream setting, and an extending tip that lights up with orange, red, and yellow LEDs (does not actually shoot a beam).

The wand’s buttons and switches are loaded with lights and sounds sampled directly from the Ghostbusters™ films, including the main power on/off switch and the proton stream on/off switch, length-adjuster knob, and “blasting” button. And if total protonic reversal is your thing, then you’ll want to cross the streams and see what happens! Fire two Neutrino Wands at each other and watch the lights change color as the light-up meter transforms to a unique pattern and new sounds and vibration are triggered.


Fall 2013

Aside from the spelling mistake of Neutrona Wand, we’re pumped for this one!

The Ghostbusters of Southern California were able to snag the below picture of the wand turned on as well the underbelly:

The Ghostbusters of Southern California also uploaded the below videos to their Facebook page, showcasing both the extending tip and some of the lights and sounds.

Entertainment Earth

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3 Comments on Matty Collector announces Neutrona Wand prop at San Diego Comic Con

  1. frankie dandridge smales // December 13, 2013 at 8:06 pm // Reply

    currently mattycollector site do not honour international
    customers but other marchants like ebay do with restrictions
    on which countries to ship to and most other ones like the united
    kingdom has customs and excise taxations that’s why items from
    abroad is pricey and the neutron wand is rapidly selling out fast
    on merchant site ebay and guarantee late delivery due to the
    Christmas rush an takes longer due to country it is going to but
    it may required an signature on arrival so you still get it though
    but do not expect it right away but be patient.

    Frankie Dandridge smales

    Frankie smales tv and movie review uk

  2. Clayton Horning // August 17, 2013 at 3:05 pm // Reply

    I can’t wait to get mine. I got their PKE Meter, Ghost Trap, and Ecto Goggles on order. Coolest toys ever.

  3. John O'donnell // July 22, 2013 at 6:18 pm // Reply

    How do u go about buying one of these ?

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