Listen to our exclusive interview with Scott Neitlich, Marketing Brand Manager at Matty Collector

Earlier today we had the opportunity to speak with Scott Neitlich, Marketing Brand Manager at Matty Collector. We touched on the brand new Ecto Goggles, Ecto-1 pre-orders and the upcoming Neutrino Wand.

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Below you’ll find some of the highlights from the interview:

– The Ecto Goggles ARE NOT considered a prop replica by Matty.

– The animations shown for the Ecto Goggles are final. A hud display was thought of, but the toy animations were decided upon because  the figure designs were already approved by Sony. Slimer’s iconic status/being highly recognizable also played a part in this.

– Safety restrictions caused the straps of the Ecto Goggles to be changed from what was shown in the film.

– Mentioned that the Nuetrino Wand possibly won’t ship to certain places in Europe. Restrictions will be much like what the PKE Meter had.

– Neutrino Wand is the name that Matty is going with. The name has been approved by Sony.

– Ghost Traps are officially done.

– The Demon Vigo Head that appeared on eBay was originally made by Matty and was planned to come with the Vigo action figure. The extra item would have caused the price to increase, therefore it was axed.

– Original 6″ line will not be able to fit into the Ecto-1 correctly. They could possibly “squish” in.

– If the minimum of Ecto-1 pre-orders are met, Winston and Egon with removable Proton Packs should follow.

– Sony shipped Matty Collector an actual Proton Pack from the film to help them make the Neutrino Wand.

– Matty Collector also visited the Sony lot to help build the new Ecto-1 toy.

– If they could make a Proton Pack, Shawn assumed it’d fall between $300-$500.

–  A Proton Pack would probably be a presale item much like the Ecto-1 and Castle Greyskull.

– A new movie or tv series COULD warrant a Proton Pack.

– The Neutrino Wand has been made with a possibility of a Proton Pack in mind.

– Future items WILL NOT show up at discount later.


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3 Comments on Listen to our exclusive interview with Scott Neitlich, Marketing Brand Manager at Matty Collector

  1. While I wouldn’t mind it being true since I already own a couple of them, the ghost traps are NOT officially done. Scott mentioned that it’s possible they’ll reissue the trap if it’s featured in any new entertainment, whether that be a movie, cartoon, or video game.

  2. I am Praying for a Proton Pack. I cant afford one of the expensive ones on ebay, nor am I skilled enough to build one. If Mattel made this thing, I would die happy

  3. I haven’t heard the interview yet. I see from the “highlights” that you asked my question. Thank you, it is appreciated.

    All: I get that the previous figures may be “squished” if they fit at all. Since this isn’t even built yet, they could make their Ecto-1 a “tiny” bit bigger to accommodate the previous 6″ figures with packs. Someone at Mattel must have at least one of those around. If not, they could always check their local Big Lots!. ;)

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