Mattel announces Ghostbusters 2014 30th Anniversary 2-Packs with removable proton packs

Huge news out of New York Comic Con as Mattel has announced two 2-packs featuring all four Ghostbusters with removable proton packs!

Here’s the press release:

Four new figures from the first Ghostbusters™ movie arrive in late summer of 2014! Each 2-pack will include two 6″ figures featuring new torsos with two removable proton packs, two snap-on proton streams, and two “no ghost” logo stands. This 2-pack comes in window box 30th Anniversary packaging.
Pack 1: Ray Stantz™ and Egon Spengler™ Figures
Pack 2: Peter Venkman™ and Winston Zeddemore™ Figures

  • Shane McCloskey

    Thank you to Matty from all the Ghostbusters Fans out there and there are more of us then anyone could ever imagine. These figures would go great with the scale version of Ecto that you teased us with last year.. My hope is that you will give us fans another shot at reaching the minimum order requirement for this perfect way to round out our collections, Lego gave it to us. So come on guys you know how cool your version of Ecto was, you said it yourselves.. And Who among you wouldn’t want this, Think about it, Please!! Oh and while your at it, how’s about the Firehouse, Lego look like they’re considering it….!!
    Thanks Matty

  • eddie

    Out of all the different varieties figures they made you would think they could have made a very cool firehouse play set. C’mon mattel, let’s get with it. And stop teasing your very dedicated fans with this Ecto-1 and the figures that have the packs come off. The packs should have came off from the get go. Stop milking your dedicated fans for all their hard earned money

  • Ed Stominski

    This is awesome news. I just wish Mattel released these first before I went and bought every figure every variant, color, size whatever you name it. But what’s done is done. I can’t wait for these two pack figures to come out. Huge GB fan since 84. And I’m 38. Guess I should grow up.

  • Straker

    Why wasn’t THIS what they released in the first place? They spent YEARS jerking us around with variants and accessories we wanted being packed in with BAD repaints and exclusives only NOW giving us the figures we actually wanted XP I do hope these figures manage to inject some new life into the Ghostbusters figure line but it just maybe a case of too little too late.

  • Ry A.W.

    Id love to know when these are available!

  • Jonathan Cardwell

    Yeah, I’m wondering the same thing…also, I guess Mattel is still debating the price internally? My guess is $50 each. I hope not, but K sara.

  • Jonathan Cardwell

    YEAH! THIS is what I’m talkin’ ’bout!!

  • Wayne Jago

    Will these be available in stores or for online purchase only. I’ve been looking for a great ghostbusters collectable figure(s) and this is definitely what I’m looking for.