Kotobukiya’s “Lucy” statue receives a worthy cosplay

A few years back we saw the release of Kotobukiya’s Lucy statue:

Featuring a torn flightsuit, pretty much all the accessories a collector could want and even a bright pink thong (film accurate, right?), the statue became a rather popular hit for the figure company.

Fast forward to today and professional cosplayer Ani-Mia has made the Lucy character a physical reality with her brand new photo shoot:

Click the above image for full view

Head on over to Aggressive Comix to enjoy the full gallery, then be sure to visit Ani-Mia’s web store where prints of the shoot are now available!

  • alex

    nope.. Not that worthy.

    Her hair is wrong, her body is a bit on the chunky monkey side, and her face looks like she’s constantly smelling shit.

    She wears the costume, but the body and face is all wrong.

  • alex

    The cosplay is cute too!

  • alex

    I love this statue! The only thing that bothers me is that the hose from the wand to the pack connects to the upper area instead of connecting to the lower side of the cyclotron.Other then that I can’t wait to own one!!