Pictures released of Hot Wheels 30th Anniversary Ecto-1 with figures

A few weeks ago we posted about an upcoming 30th Anniversary of the 1:18 Hot Wheels Ecto-1. Not too much was known about it other than the fact it was advertised to come with “figures”. Well, we’re happy to say that a few shots of this set has hit the web, giving you a much better idea on what to expect from this $275 set.

The Ecto-1 30th Anniversary Edition is expected to ship in July.

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Entertainment Earth

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  1. How can they justify selling this set for $275? No one is going to buy it, Mattel just released the Ecto-1 (and Ecto-1A) “Heritage vehicles”, which is almost identical to what this 30th anniversary Ecto looks like, and the heritage Ecto-1, which only came out just a little while ago was around $80.00. These figurines are nice companion pieces but I can certainly do without them.

    Ironically the same company, Mattel, but a different division of the company ( had the chance to make a massive Ecto-1 that would have been in scale with their 6 inch Ghostbusters figure line. The proposed vehicle had lights and sound, came with the 4 Ghostbusters with removable packs (something fans have been waiting for a very long time) AND was even less expensive than this 30th anniversary set.
    FUN FACT – decided to ditch their massive Ecto-1 set because it didn’t hit some goofy pre-order due to them screwing up the preorder dates on their website and confusing the consumers.

    FUNNER FACT – Sony needs to take back the Ghostbusters license from Mattel all together and give it to someone worthy of what the true Ghostbusters fan deserve. I suggest NECA toys.

  2. Wow! $275.00 ! Ecto 1 can be purchased from $70.00 and figures about $60.00. I guess that the remaining $145.00 is for the plastic base with 30th anniversary logo on it. Wow that’s just plain stupid. Pass!

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