Fan Art: Preview of this Friday’s “It Came From 1984” art show

Before Gallery 1988’s official Ghostbusters 30th art show, you can get an appetizer of some Ghostbusters inspired art in Chogrin’s latest art show extravaganza “IT CAME FROM 1984” at Bottleneck gallery.

The show will be held in Brooklyn, New York this Friday and will feature such memorable films as Ghostbusters, Terminator, Gremlins, Nausicaa, Neverending Story, and the Karate Kid.

If you’re like us and can’t make it out (hey, we’re in Canada!), you can check out some of the art featuring Ghostbusters below:

We’d like to thank Chogrin Muñoz for sending over the above pics and wish him all the best with the exhibit.

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  1. The North Jersey Ghostbusters have been invited to attend the open house on Saturday. Come and stop by to see us in full gear. Might even have Ecto stop by.

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