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New Ghostbusters themed podcast launches | GhostbustersNews.com

New Ghostbusters themed podcast launches

A brand new Ghostbusters podcast is out there! Ladies and gents, introducing the Ecto Pod!

Alright, so the show details are below, but we need to give everyone a quick heads up and let you know that this is actually the SECOND podcast from the crew at Ecto Pod. The first one had some not so hot audio, while this entry has cleared up pretty much all that.

Listen below:

Show notes:

The boys are back again, bringing your monthly dose of Ghostbusters. Join Nick, Phil, Josh, and Doug, as they dive head first into the Ghostbusters 3 news, discuss Matty Collector’s Neutrino wand, plug some fans in need, and nerd out with Pop! Funko. You can contact The Ecto Pod by facebook: facebook.com/theectopod or email:theectopod@gmail.com.

Here are the links discussed in Tobin’s Spirit Guide:

-Rick Moranis now:http://www.cinemablend.com/new/What-Ever-Happened-Rick-Moranis-42231.html

-Lego cuussoo project:http://ghostbustersnews.com/2014/03/23/new-ghostbusters-project-on-lego-cuusoo-needs-your-vote/

-funko release: http://ghostbustersnews.com/2014/03/11/press-release-funkos-pop-ghostbusters-vinyl-figures/

Be sure to swing by the Ecto Pod’s Facebook page and let them know what you think!

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  • Topher

    I don’t have Facebook so I can’t tell these guys to get their s#!t together, it sounds like one guy talking to two guys over in a corner who are whispering from across the hallway.

    Not that it matters the audio is a hot mess, no offense but these guys don’t come off as terribly interesting.

    I shut it off it 20 minutes in, I gave up struggling with the audio but it seemed like they were just recycling topics and reading facts already covered before, nothing new here.

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