IDW’s Ghostbusters comic series set to end in September

Ready for some bad news? IDW released their soliciation for issue #20 and… well, just read it:


(W) Erik Burnham (A/CA) Dan Schoening

THE FINAL ISSUE OF GHOSTBUSTERS! Mass Hysteria comes to an end and the Ghostbusters discover the price of driving Tiamat from the city, county, and state of New York! But just because the Big Bad is beaten, it doesn’t mean psychokinetic shenanigans are on the wane — there’s always another job on deck for the boys (and girls!) in grey! Don’t miss the bombastically chaotic conclusion to IDW’s ghoulishly ground-breaking GHOSTBUSTERS run!

Item Code: JUL140389In Shops: 9/3/2014SRP: $3.99

Final issue?! That’s got to be some mistake, right? Well, a tweet from artist Tristan Jones confirms IDW’s Ghostbusters comic will be ending with issue #20 in September.

Many fans still wanted clarification on if “final issue” actually meant the end of the series or just the final comic in their current story arc; Mass Hysteria.

Tristan’s follow up:


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6 Comments on IDW’s Ghostbusters comic series set to end in September

  1. This seriously sucks. One of the best books out right now. Unlike Yannick, I loved and appreciated that it wasn’t overly-concerned with big long boring story arcs that last 7-8 issues. Instead, it was still mostly an “episodic” series, with generally stand-alone issues, but still with some overlapping story threads that recurred from time to time. Which is something I wish more comics would go back to, because then when there IS a big arc — like Haunted America, Happy Horror Days, Mass Hysteria! — they feel more special and “earned.” A damn shame this book is ending.

  2. Yannick Lefebvre // June 23, 2014 at 2:53 pm // Reply

    While I am saw to see this news, I actually decided to stop picking up the series after the mass hysteria story arc a few months back. I found that most of the shorter 2-3 issue stories got resolved way too quickly and were just an excuse for banter between the characters. I am happy that I will have the entire run in the end.

  3. Man, this sucks. A great book that was selling well, canceled during the big 30th anniversary celebration of the franchise? I have a feeling Sony/Columbia pulled the plug on it because they have their own plans for the future of Ghostbusters. I had wondered what would become of the comic if GBIII happened, I just didn’t expect it to be yanked off the market so quickly.

  4. Boycott all other IDW books until September! Let’s show them that they can’t cancel this series!!!

  5. I say we all boycott every other IDW book until Sept to get the message across to them that we don’t want this series cancelled!

  6. Well THAT sucks. :( Definitely my favorite comic book series, and one I look forward to each month…

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