Video: Opening night at Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Art Gallery

Wish you could have atteneded the opening night of Gallery 1988′s Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary art show? No reason to fret, as the nerds over at have posted the below recap video:

I’d also suggest checking out for a full write up on the show.

Also be sure to head on over to Ghostbusters 30th for more information and upcoming art show dates.

Fan Art: Preview of this Friday’s “It Came From 1984″ art show

Before Gallery 1988′s official Ghostbusters 30th art show, you can get an appetizer of some Ghostbusters inspired art in Chogrin’s latest art show extravaganza “IT CAME FROM 1984″ at Bottleneck gallery.

The show will be held in Brooklyn, New York this Friday and will feature such memorable films as Ghostbusters, Terminator, Gremlins, Nausicaa, Neverending Story, and the Karate Kid.

If you’re like us and can’t make it out (hey, we’re in Canada!), you can check out some of the art featuring Ghostbusters below:

We’d like to thank Chogrin Muñoz for sending over the above pics and wish him all the best with the exhibit.

Custom Ghostbusters Nikes are a thing of beauty

Check out these awesome Nike LeBron 10 Customs from Twizz Customs:

Twizz Customs gets suited up and shows, he ain’t afraid of no ghost, with his latest creation.  Taking elements from the legendary, 1984 Ghostbustersmovie, Twizz starts with slime green soles, black midsoles, khaki upper.  The outer Nike swoosh and upper are slimed out similar to Venkman after his encounter with Slimer. The inner swoosh features the Proton Stream used to harness the ghosts while the black/yellow caution pattern forms the Ghost Trap used to capture those pesky ghouls. To top off this shoe, the inner heel has the Ghostbuster’s patch, along with a custom LeBron name tag, similar to the tag on the Ghostbuster’s jump suit.

Visit @twizzcustoms on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter for more custom creations.

30 pieces of Ghostbusters art from artist Phil Postman

Ealrier this week we featured 18 Ghostbustes themed mashup posters from artist Phil Postman. The response was great, so we thought we’d share his original artwork highlighting both Ghostbustrs films and the original cartoon series.

As always we’d like to remind you to check out Phil’s website for even more amazing work!

Now onto the art…

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