Video: Louisiana Ghostbusters premiere new fan film

The Louisiana Ghostbusters just released their brand new fan film! Check out the backtory below, then scroll a bit further to watch!

This project began in the spring of 2012, was shot in late 2012, previewed in 2013 at Alabama Phoenix Festival, and with the blessing of the Twin Cities Ghostbusters is now ready for release. It is our introduction to a well-established fan film universe which ties in some of the major players dabbling in fan films and web series, and a labor of love from a few fans of Ghostbusters who wanted to have a little fun over a weekend or two.

We’re planning to pick up from this with a stand alone fan film series of our own which we’ll work on this summer. Enough talk. Ghostbusters fans, we are proud to present our fan film, “Louisiana Ghostbusters.” Special thanks to Ice Park Productions and Ghostbustin’ 911 for sharing Will and Kat with us for a day and allowing us to tie in our plans for a short film to your established world. Also thanks to Adam Schwartz and the crew of Alabama Ghostbusters: A Web Series for letting us use this project and your show to bridge these and other projects together into a cohesive world of fan fiction we lovingly refer to as the GBFCU (Ghostbusters Fan Cinematic Universe.)

Be sure to check out more of the Louisiana Ghostbusters on either their Facebook page or website.

Ontario Ghostbusters release new video for their proton pack raffle

Face it, you want a proton pack. Heck, you NEED a proton pack!

The good news? The Ontario Ghostbusters want to help with their proton pack raffle giveaway!

The OGB’s sent in the below video, further hyping up the raffle.

For those out of the loop, the Ontario crew will be raffling off a proton pack at this years HUGE Fan Expo Toronto convention. Tickets start as low as just $10 each, with proceeds going to help out Sick Kids Toronto!

For more information on the raffle, click here, or if you’d like to go ahead and buy some tickets, we’ve got a link for that too.

The Ontario Ghostbusters want you to WIN a proton pack!

The Ontario Ghostbusters are proud to announce a major fundraising initiative in support of Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. The team is giving a lucky Ghosthead the opportunity to win their very own proton pack! Not only that, but the winner will get an invite to join the group for a day at a Comic Con in 2015. A secondary prize of an OGB prize pack which includes, among other things, a hot beverage thermal mug and balloon for the kids.

Tickets are available to purchase right now!

As seen in the above picture, you can grab 1 entry for $10, 3 for $20 or 10 for $50!

For more information or to order tickets click here!

Video: Louisiana Ghostbusters on Fox8 + last day to donate and enter to win a proton pack signed by Dan Aykroyd

The fine folks over at the Louisiana Ghostbusters appeared on a local Fox affiliate to help raise awareness for their proton pack charity benefit.

Here’s the video:

We’d like to remind everyone that online donations will stop tonight, so if you haven’t donated yet, be sure to do so right now!

Louisiana Ghostbusters surpass donation goal for proton pack giveaway + THERE’S STILL TIME TO ENTER!

A little over a week ago we made a post regarding a proton pack giveaway. An awesome charitable event put on my the Louisiana Ghostbusters that will make some Ghostbusters fans dream a reality (they get a Dan Aykroyd signed pack!) while at the same time all dontaions help out the Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society. It’s win, win!

Initially the goal was set at $4000, but we’re happy to say that the Louisiana group just posted the below on their Facebook page:

WE DID IT! LAGB is proud to announce that we have busted our $4000 earnings goal on our proton pack giveaway, and the donations just keep on coming! You guys clearly recognize the amazing value of the prizes we’re willing to hand off to you and the great work we’re trying to do to bust our REAL foe: Cancer. We’ve upped our goal to $10,000 and will continue to try to increase the excitement about the gear we’re giving away in just a few days. Stay tuned for more info, and by all means, if you hate cancer and love Ghostbusters, SPREAD THE WORD!

Fantastic news!

If you haven’t already pledged some money down to try and win one of the amazing prizes they’re giving away,click here to do so now! You have until Thursday!

Oh, before we forget, the Louisiana Ghostbusters have released the promotional shots highlighting some of the giveaway items:

Louisianna Ghostbusters to raffle off a Proton Pack signed by Dan Aykroyd

Donations are now being taken as the Proton Pack nears completion. Click here for additional information as well runner up prizes that are also signed by Dan Aykroyd.

Louisianna Ghostbusters are getting ready to raffle off a Dan Aykroyd signed replica Proton Pack! Mind blowing, right? Best of all, proceeds from this raffle will benefit Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society.

Here are the details:

LAGB is proud to announce that In February 2014 this donated proton pack will be practically given away in a charity raffle. The idea was conceived, funded, and constructed by Randy Fernendez and Twilight FX, makers of the amazing Phoenix Pack which has a one-of-a-kind venting system. While this raffle pack will not have a venting system, it is made almost completely from parts fabricated right here in Louisiana and will feature an all metal particle thrower or “gun.” It is one of the more unique and sturdy prop replicas of a proton pack you will ever see. Tickets for this raffle will be sold at Wizardworld New Orleans where folks can inspect the pack in person. We will also possibly sell blocks of tickets online in the days approaching the convention. Best of all, proceeds from this raffle will benefit Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society. We’ll post additional pictures as this amazing item approaches completion and we get ready to announce ticket sales have begun.

The pack will feature lights, sounds and mechanics like an extending gun tip!

We’ll keep you posted and be sure to feature the pack on the site once construction is 100% finished.

For additional information or to see what the pack currently looks like, click here.

Todd Whalen’s Ghostbusters Location Tour + USA vs. Canada Push Up Contest

When not geeking out at last weeks New York Comic Con, Ghostbusters of British Columbia members Todd Whalen & Ryan Doell shot the below “location tour”, showcasing some of the must visit spots from the original Ghostbusters film:

And while at the New York Comic Con, BC‘s Ryan Doell took part in an epic push up contest against Ghostbusters of New Hampshire‘s Winter Tomson.

Wait… that’s Canada vs. U.S.A… aaaaaah hell…

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