Gallery: Ivy as Zuul

In need of a Gatekeeper? Check out Ivy’s Zuul photo shoot below:

For more information on Ivy, be sure to check out her Facebook page.

Photography by MC Illusion Photography

Amanda M Knox’s Kylie Griffin photo shoot

Amanda M Knox was nice enough to send over these shots of her Kylie Griffin photo shoot.

Check them out below:

Kotobukiya’s “Lucy” statue receives a worthy cosplay

A few years back we saw the release of Kotobukiya’s Lucy statue:

Featuring a torn flightsuit, pretty much all the accessories a collector could want and even a bright pink thong (film accurate, right?), the statue became a rather popular hit for the figure company.

Fast forward to today and professional cosplayer Ani-Mia has made the Lucy character a physical reality with her brand new photo shoot:

Click the above image for full view

Head on over to Aggressive Comix to enjoy the full gallery, then be sure to visit Ani-Mia’s web store where prints of the shoot are now available!

Model Luna x Mars featured in new pinup style Ghostbusters photoshoot

She’s a pinup girl, retro enthusiast, cosplaying noob and a Ghostbuster in training. Ladies and gents, let me introduce you to the lovely Luna x Mars!

After you check out the below shots, be sure to check out Luna’s official Facebook page. Oh, and before we forget, Luna’s currently working on her very own proton pack, which gives us a feeling this will certainly not be the last you see of this retro styled bombshell!

Photographer: Ron Gejon

“Ghostbusters” photoshoot featuring Dee La Beau

Here’s a special treat in the form of the tattooed delight, Dee La Beau! Be sure to check out Beau’s Facebook page for additional images.

Photographer: Richard Shepherd

Mary Cyn prepares us for the coming of Gozer

Gozer the Gozerian has once again been brought back to life thanks to New York burlesque performer Mary Cyn. Check out her brand new photo gallery below.

Nimble little minx, isn’t she?

If you want to check out more shots of Mary Cyn as the Goz’, click here.

Visit Miss Mary Cyn’s website:
Visit photographer Ben Trivett’s website:
Visit Epic Win Burlesque’s website:

Red Herring’s back with a photo shoot preview

It’s been more than a year and I’m elated to announce that Red Herring is once again back on Our own resident Janine Melnitz sent over the below preview of a recent photo shoot she took part in.

Longtime readers may recognize that the second image was inspired by art that Lar DeSouza drew a few years back.

Be sure to check back soon for more sultry goodness from Red Herring.

Red Herring’s website
Photography by Angela McConnell
Lar DeSouza’s website

“Call Us Maybe” photo shoot with Toronto’s Kenickie Street

During this years Fan Expo in Toronto, ON Canada, I had the privilege to partake in a guerrilla style photo shoot with model, burlesque performer, and tattoo’ed temptress, Kenickie Street.

You can check out the vast majority of photos from the evening below, but keep locked to our Facebook page as more will be uploaded there soon.

We’d like to thank for supplying the ‘Sexy Ghostbusters’ costume. If you’re interested in buying one, click here.

“Call Me Maybe” shirt can be found in our Spreadshirt store.

Red Herring – Episode 2: Research

It’s time to put the ‘bust’ in Ghostbusting once again. How? The always seductive, Red Herring!

Episode 2: Research

If you missed the first episode, you can check it out below:

Also be sure to check out these links to learn more about Red Herring:
FanPage: (less info)

Photo credit: Orangeroads Photography

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