Cross the Streams Episode 40 – Robbie Rist, David Margulies & Robert Englund

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Adam, Brendan, Dan and Matt start off by broadcasting from the Technodrome. We would like to thank everybody who participated in the last episode as well as brag about the newly released Funko Pop Ghostbusters.

This month, on the podcast, Robert Englund shows to confirm some Ghostbusters 3 news…which you’ll have to listen to hear for yourself. We then speak to legendary actor from such classics as The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as well as the recent hit Sharknado and possibly (SPOILER ALERT) Sharknado 2, Robbie Rist. Finally, we end the episode with some words by everyone’s favorite Mayor, no not Rob Ford, but David Margulies who played Mayor Lenny in the Ghostbusters film franchise.

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New Ghostbusters themed podcast launches

A brand new Ghostbusters podcast is out there! Ladies and gents, introducing the Ecto Pod!

Alright, so the show details are below, but we need to give everyone a quick heads up and let you know that this is actually the SECOND podcast from the crew at Ecto Pod. The first one had some not so hot audio, while this entry has cleared up pretty much all that.

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Show notes:

The boys are back again, bringing your monthly dose of Ghostbusters. Join Nick, Phil, Josh, and Doug, as they dive head first into the Ghostbusters 3 news, discuss Matty Collector’s Neutrino wand, plug some fans in need, and nerd out with Pop! Funko. You can contact The Ecto Pod by facebook: or

Here are the links discussed in Tobin’s Spirit Guide:

-Rick Moranis now:

-Lego cuussoo project:

-funko release:

Be sure to swing by the Ecto Pod’s Facebook page and let them know what you think!

Cross the Streams Episode 39 – A Tribute to Harold Ramis

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On February 24th the world lost an amazing talent – Writer, Director, and Actor Harold Ramis. If not for his amazing work as a comedic performer, writer, and director – our fandom would not exist.  Adam, Brendan, Dan & Matt remember Harold the best way they possibly could; by remembering him from those who worked alongside with him, worked within the Ghostbusters Universe and the people Harold had the biggest impact on – his fans. Here’s a list of those who celebrated the life of Harold Ramis alongside with us:

Michael Gross, Robin Shelby, Johnny Ruckus, Alex Newborn, Chris Weller, Vee Labbs, Brandon Lee, Dennis Carter Jr, Jeff Lewis, Paul Hettinger, Jesse Sosa, Jason Fitsimmons, Eric Bunch, Erik Burnham, Chris Gay, Northeast Ohio Ghostbusters, Martin Rousseau, Timothy Lin, Adriana Munoz, Andrew Watley, Drew Guyer, Michael Miller, Simon Carr, Eric Cudworth, Todd Whalen, Derek Chartrand Wallace, Zac Crago, Ryan E. Kemp, Scott Silver, Robert Swarez, Mike Saproni, Bo Bearden, Kevin James, Chad Paulson, Adam Marish, Carl Lyon, and Dan Shoening.

Harold might be gone from our world, but he’ll never die as long as his fans keep talking about his work.

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We’d like to thank Adam Streicher (@AdamRStreicher) for his touching cover of Ghostbusters that was used at the end of our tribute to Harold Ramis.

Cross the Streams Radio Show: Episode 38

Adam, Brendan, Dan and Matt celebrate the 5th anniversary of Ghostbusters: The Video Game by Jesse Sosa, one of the developers on the game ever since the green-light pitch. Jesse explains everything from how the game started to why Ray’s Occult was cut from the game. The guys also reflect on the online news articles written about the last episode. Hope you enjoy this look back at the behind the scenes making of the game.

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Special Guests: Jesse Sosa
Show Length: 45:56
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Cross the Streams Radio Show: Episode 37

Adam, Brendan, Dan and Matt get together (which had been awhile) and sat down in a green room at Pop Expo in Ottawa, Ontario to chat with Ghostbuster, Ernie Hudson. Ernie really opens up to the fans about today’s social media era, upcoming roles, cutting back appearances at conventions, Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Ernie saw the latest Star Trek, Ghostbuster Fans that keep the franchise alive, his character from *Ghostbusters*getting married in IDW’s monthly *Ghostbusters* comic book, people accepting less in today’s storytelling and much more. Why are you even reading this and not downloading the show!


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Special Guests: Ernie Hudson
Show Length: 43:59
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Cross the Streams Radio Show: Episode 36

Adam, Brendan, Dan and Matt chat with director IDW’s Erik Burnham & Dan Schoening about the month Ghostbusters comic book series. Erik & Dan fill us in on what the future holds for the characters and story-lines of the
comic. Matt Prov used his Javaho Gypsy Powers and conjured up an interview with the B.C. Ghostbusters and talked about the NYCC and other awesomeness. We also chat about the pack-less characters from SPOILER ALERT! Dan’s also leaving his transitional phase. Matt also brags about Brendan’s recently deceased father for the umpteenth time.


Special Guests: Dan Schoening, Erik Burnham & The Ghostbusters of B.C.
Show Length: 44:52
File Size: 20.6 MB

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