Info on Diamond Select Toys @ New York Comic Con

Heading to New York Comic Con? If so, you don’t want to miss the Diamond Select Toys booth + your chance to get an exclusive Minimate!

Here’s the info:

Every morning at the start of the show, DST will give out a free Ghostbusters promotional Minimate to people who come by their booth and ask for it, while supplies last. A limited number will be given out each day, Thursday through Sunday, so make the booth your first stop! Throughout the weekend, DST will also give out free full-size posters featuring their original Aliens, Ghostbusters, and Marvel Minimates artwork! Times will be chosen at random, and once put out they tend to go fast, so check back regularly!

The convention runs from October 9th-12th.

For a full schedule + info, be sure to check out Diamond Select Toys website.

Press Release: Introducing Diamond Select Toys’ Giant Ghostbusters Mr. Stay Puft Photo Contest!

Mr. Stay-Puft is back, and this time, he’s not just attacking New York City! Both the “Good” and “Evil” versions of Diamond Select Toys’ new 24-inch Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man bank are in comic shops and specialty stores around the world starting today, and we want the fans to document his rampage! Fan-submitted photos will be posted on the official DST Facebook page, and every month one entry will win awesome prizes, including some sweet Ghostbusters merch!

Here’s what you do: Simply photograph your 24-inch Mr. Stay-Puft (either good or evil variety) somewhere near where you live. It could be the beach, the forest, the desert, the mountains, a city street, or even in front of a sign welcoming people to your town — we just want to see where Mr. Stay-Puft has been! Send the picture off to, and each month we’ll post a new batch of pictures on our Facebook page. One of the pictures we post will be randomly chosen to win that month’s prize! Prize packages will include $100 worth of toys and collectibles from DST!

Rules: Photos must be at least 600 x 800 pixels. One entry per person per monthly cycle. Duplicate entries will not be included in the drawing. If you do not win, a new photo can be submitted after the start of the new month. A previously submitted picture cannot be submitted again. All entries become the property of Diamond Select Toys, and can be used on various Websites and social media sites. Prize package value is based on suggested retail price of all items combined. Winners are prohibited from entering any DST contest again for one year.

Submit your photos here!

“Burnt” Stay Puft bank to release in October? Pre-Orders now available!

The well known 11″ Stay Puft Marshmallow bank from Diamond Select Toys will return later this year, but with a much different look.

Did anyone ask for s’mores?

The brand new “burnt” variant has just been added to with a listing price of $27.99. Release month is listed as October, which is different that originally reported.

Pre-order now!

On Sale This Week: 24 Inch Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Bank

Get ready for something BIG!

This week Diamond Select Toys is set to unleash 24 inches of or marshmallow goodness with their brand new Stay Puft Marshmallow bank!

Here’s the press release:

Ghostbusters 24″ Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Vinyl Bank
What did you do, Ray?! Well, we’ll tell you what we did – we took our already-popular 12-inch vinyl bank of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man and made it even bigger! At two feet tall, this hard vinyl bank of the classic Ghostbusters character will hold a fortune in nickels, and tower over your other Ghostbusters toys! Bank has coin slot its back, plus access door for coin removal. Comes packaged in a clear polybag. Sculpted by Bill Mancuso! (Item code #NOV131816, SRP: $124.99)

Order today from your favorite online retailer, or pick one up at your local comic shop!

New York Toy Fair: Diamond Select Toys show off their 24-inch Stay Puft + new “burnt” 11-inch variant

Diamond Select Toys is also on hand at this years New York Toy Fair, showing off their much talked about 24-inch Stay Puft Marshmallow Man bank:

Pic source: Ghostbusters Mania

The bank is expected to ship is late March/early April and is pre-ordable by clicking here.

What should be noted about the above shot is the “burnt” variant of the 11-inch bank.

Here’s the above shot, only zoomed it on the variant:


Here’s a much clearer shot of the “burnt” Stay Puft from

As shown above, expect to see this one in the Summer of this year.

A look back at some of our favourite Diamond Select Toys items

Earlier this week we saw the release of Diamond Select Toys “I Love This Town” Minimates box set. Featuring all four main Ghostbusters plus marshmallow covered accessories, the set is a must have for any Ghostbusters collector!

To help celebrate, we’re taking a look back at some of our favorite Diamond Select Toys items. From banks, Minimates and even gelatin molds, here’s our top fav items that you can still purchase directly on!


We have to give the nod to the Series 4 set. It included only ghostly characters featured in the second film, some of which I honestly never expected to see in figure form.

Vigo The Carpathian
Everyone’s favorite Carpathian tyrant has been compacted in Minimate form. Featuring all the spikes and skulls that you’ve seen on his outfit in the film, plus a face only Janosz Poha could love. Speaking of faces, he even comes with an alternate head depicting a possessed Ray Stantz.

While Slimer has appeared in the Minimates line several times in the past, this was certainly our favorite rendition. If you hadn’t noticed already, he’s translucent. Heck, check out the stomach full of food!

Now this is when the box set begins to get a bit odd. By odd, I mean amazing.

Jogger Ghost

Seriously, who thought they’d ever see this character in figure form? He was used in the film only shortly durng the montage scene, but oddly enough he’s rather detailed, even featuring a stop watch. Much like Slimer, the Jogger Ghost is also translucent.

Titanic Ghost
Titanic Ghost?! Seriously.

You know, I have to thank Diamond Select Toys on this one. While some companies have grabbed the Ghostbusters licence and gave us several repaints or minor variations of the original four Busters, DST went out and pretty much made every single character you could possibly want from both films. Kudos to them!

Oh, back to the figure…

The Titanic Ghost is made to look like the captain of the ship and much like Slimer and the Jogger Ghost, he’s translucent.

This set is STILL available to purchase over on Diamond Select Toys official website for just $19.99. While you’re at it, be sure to grab the “I Love This Town” pack as they’ll go well with Slimer, Vigo and the rest of the baddies from Ghostbusters 2.

If you’re looking for something to spruce up desserts, may we suggest the Slimer Gelatin Mold:

Hmm, not too sure if Winston would approve.

Not too much can be said about this fella. It’s simple. Simple and fun!

While we’re talking about molds, check out this silicone tray that’s also available from the folks at DST:

While making ice cubes are an obvious choice, we much rather prefer chocolates as seen in the below pic was posted on our Facebook fan page:

You can grab the Slimer Gelatin Mold on DST’s website now for just $14.99. The Ghostbusters Silicone Tray is also available for $14.99.

And last but not least, we’d like to remind everyone that it’s important to save your money. Why? So you can spend it on some Diamond Select Toys products!

What better way to save than stuffing all your change into everyone’s favorite little slime ball, SLIMER!

Other banks are out there, including everybody’s favorite sailor, Stay Puft, but the Slimer one is STILL in stock over on DST’s official site for only $19.99.

New set of Ghostbusters Minimates now available!

Ghostbusters Minimates are back! The four main Ghostbusters have re-united… for a four-pack based on the final scene of the classic original film! Each 2-inch mini-figure features a new, removable proton pack and various interchangeable parts and accessories (some of them covered with marshmallow). Set comes packaged on a blister card. Designed by Art Asylum! (Item #NOV131817, SRP: $19.99)

Want to know where you can get them? Find your nearest comic shop at!

New pics of Diamond Select Toys Light-Up Ghostbusters Firehouse

Heroes Landing, a rather popular comic book/action figure store stationed in Florida just got their hands on the brand new Light-Up Ghostbusters Firehouse from Diamond Select Toys! Lucky for us they snagged several shots of the piece including your very first look at the light-up feature.

The Light-Up Ghostbusters Firehouse should be finding its way into a comic book shop near you this month, or if you’d rather have peace of mind and guarantee you’ll get one, they’re still available to pre-order over on for the low price of $64.99.

Diamond Select Toys preview new 24″ Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Vinyl Bank

Check out these newly released shots of Diamond Select Toys upcoming 24″ Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Vinyl Bank:

The bank currently has a suggest price of $110 and is expected to be released in early 2014.

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