New images released of Factory Entertainment’s Ghostbusters Shake-Ems

New pictures of Factory Entertainment’s Ghostbusters Shake-Ems have appeared online!

Both statues with feature audio clips/quotes from the film. currently has both items listed for pre-order at a price of $39.99 with an availability of October.

New York Toy Fair: New shots of Ghostbusters Shakems from Factory Entertainment

Factory Entertainment has their upcoming (and highly anticipated) Ghostbusters Shakems on display at this years New York Toy Fair!

Check out the updated shots below:

Both items are expected to ship in April/May and will run you about $30.

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New York Toy Fair: Factory Entertainment show off line of Ghostbusters Write Ems

Even MORE reveals coming out of ths years New York Toy Fair!

Want to see what’s new from Factory Entertainment? Check out this Peter Venkman and Slimer Write Ems set!

For those unaware, Write Ems are character themed ballpoint pens.

No word on release window or pricing.

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New pictures of Factory Entertainment’s Ghostbusters Shakems

Check out these brand new shots of Factory Entertainment’s newest Shakems; Slimer & Stay Puft!

The Shakems are expected to be released in April/May of this year and will stand between 17-18cm. Several websites have a price suggested of about $50 USD.

Factory Entertainment shows off updated Slimer & Stay Puft Shakems at San Diego Comic Con just posted their gallery of Factory Entertainment’s display at this years San Diego Comic Con. We grabbed the pics featuring the updated shots of both the Slimer & Stay Puft Shakems and posted them below, but we’d suggest checking out the full gallery to preview some great unrelated Ghostbusters items.



Earlier this week Tyler Ham, art director for Factory Entertainment, took to’s message board to give a brief update on their upcoming SHAKEMS/bobble statue line.

Hi All!

My name is Tyler and I am the art director for factory Entertainment. We are currently working on a line of Ghostbusters SHAKEMS (like a bobble statue) and I wanted to show some progress and get some feedback with the fans.

We displayed the prototypes (first draft versions) at Toy Fair, and while overall people liked them, a lot of the fans have commented (in the NEWS section here) that they arent totally happy with the sculpts. Well, we werent either in may cases, so I just wanted to reach out and keep you all updated to changes we are making and hear your thoughts!

The Stantz we showed had a face that we all thought just was not at all Stantz. So I personally re-sculpted it. Now, keep in mind we dont normally show this stage, and it looks odd being just the face (the goggles and har, etc.. will be added later) But I thought someone might be interested in the behind the scenes process.

The final head will be small, considering its only on a 6 inch figure base.. Also, we want an open dialog with fans, so I can always be reached at tyler (at)

I took it upon myself to e-mail Tyler and also ask about the “comic box” that was also shown at Toy Fair (as seen in the picture below). He revealed that it is in fact a bank.

The Bank actually IS the comic styled thing.. Its a plastic rectangle about 2 inches deep with the comic style art on both sides!

We’ve also been informed that he’ll be showing off pictures of the Slimer SHAKEMS resculpt soon.

To view our original post regarding these news items, click here.


While everyone seems to be going nuts over Mattel’s Ecto Goggles at this years New York Toy Fair, Factory Entertainment revealed a brand new line of Shakems statues based off the Ghostbusters licence.

Characters on the display consisted of  Slimer, Peter, Ray and a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man with swappable heads (angry and happy).


Here’s your first look at all the statues so far shown in the line:

A Ghostbusters themed lunchbox and thermos was also seen on the convention floor:


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Thanks to Joe Azara for the heads up!

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