CUSTOM ECTO-1 & GHOSTBUSTERS FIREHOUSE forum user TexasGhostbuster recently posted these outrageous shots of his custom Ecto-1 and Ghostbusters Firehouse:

We’d also like to send a quick shout out to CaptCyan who was responsible for several of the custom pieces seen in the above shots.

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Fan Creation: Custom Slimer + proton pack lighting

Ever want a Slimer to go along with your 12″ Ghostbusters from Mattel?‘s shadowcrane surely did as he posted the above creation earlier today.

Here’s what he had to say about the custom:

Hi, this time I wanted a Slimer figure for my 12″ Ghostbusters figures from Matty Collector, so I found a Kenner vintage figure of slimer (as Mattel decided to do a cartoon look on their figures, i needed a cartoon Slimer too)

I added articulation to the arms, filled the hole and added interchangeable mouths for more expression.

Aside from the highly modded Kenner Slimer, both Venkman and Stantz feature custom paints job as well additional lights were also put into the proton packs and neutrona wands.

Be sure to check out the gallery below.


Kenner Stay Puft on eBay listed at $2,849.99…

Calm down! I know you read the header, but before you get all excited and decide to list the extra Stay Puft you have in your garage, let’s get something straight. This is not your typical Stay Puft figure. It was a promo item handed out to select employees of Kroger. After looking at the back of the card, I assume this was a joint partnership to move bags of Kroger Marshmallows.

Here’s the description on the eBay auction:

Rarest of all ghostbusters toys. This was only released to a select few employees who worked in the marketing dept for kroger. May be the only carded graded example known. Best of luck. If it does not sell. I will sock this one away. Thanks for looking.

If you’d like to check out the auction, click here.

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