SDCC: Mattel’s 30th Anniversary of Ghostbusters 2-packs fully revealed

This September Matty Collector will be offering the below 2-packs to help highlight the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters:

Images come directly from and we suggest clicking here to check out a few additional photos of the above sets.

Closer look at Mattel’s 1:18 scale Ecto-1 + figures

Mattel has released the below preview images highlighting their upcoming 1:18 scale Ecto-1 30th Anniversary set:

The set is expected to drop late Summer and will range somewhere around $274.99.


Mattel to rerelease 1:18 scale Ecto-1 + advertised to include “figures”?!

Interesting information coming from popular geek shop website, A listing for a 30th Anniversary edition of Mattel’s Hot Wheels 1:18 Ecto-1 has popped up advertising that it comes with “figures”:

Click the above image to visit the product page

$274.99, eh? Yikes!

Not too much is known regarding these “figures”, but we’ve sent an e-mail over to the fine folks at Mattel, hoping to grab a bit more information.

Stay tuned to GBNews!


Mattel issues press release on Neutrino Wand + Clippard trademark to be used

Get ready! The Ghostbusters Neutrino Wand from Mattel will be on sale for all users this coming Monday for $130USD!

Here’s the press release from Mattel:

Negative vibrations from ectoplasmic entities bumming you out? Give them a positive blast with your Neutrino Wand! Developed with Sony Entertainment, this authentically detailed wand delivers vibrations and a force kickback when blasted,  light-meter animations on the base that ramp up or down depending on how high you’ve adjusted the proton stream setting, and an extending tip that lights up with orange, red, and yellow  LEDs (does not actually shoot a beam).

The wand’s buttons and switches are loaded with lights and sounds sampled directly from the Ghostbusters™ films, including the main power on/off switch and the proton stream on/off switch, length-adjuster knob, and “blasting” button. And if total protonic reversal is your thing, then you’ll want to cross the streams and see what happens! Fire two Neutrino Wands at each other and watch the lights change color as the light-up meter transforms to a unique pattern and new sounds and vibration are triggered.

TM & © 2013 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All rights reserved.

EU Member States: Due to additional required safety warnings, this product is unavailable for shipment to the following countries. Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

You must be 18 or older to purchase this product.

Also, Clippard Instrument Laboratory posted the below, highlighting that their Clippard likeness will be present on the wand:

Clippard Instrument Laboratory is pleased to announce an agreement with Mattel® that will allow use of the Clippard trademark and modular valves likeness in the making of replica Ghostbusters™ Neutrino Wands.

Ghostbusters is a supernatural comedy starring Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray and Harold Ramis as three eccentric parapsychologists who start a ghost catching business in New York City. It was originally released in 1984 and followed by a sequel, Ghostbusters II, in 1989. The main equipment used by the Ghostbusters is a Proton Pack—an unlicensed nuclear accelerator which fires a proton stream from the handheld Neutrino Wand (aka Neutrona Wand or “Proton Gun”). The Proton Packs and Proton Guns used in the movies feature several Clippard products, including theR-701 and R-331 modular valves as well as several Minimatic® fittings. The script for a much-anticipated third movie is currently in the works.

1:64 Ecto-1A announced for Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment series + info on a 1:18 “Anniversary Edition”

It looks as if the Ecto-1A from Ghostbusters II will be joining the Hot Wheel’s Retro Entertainment Series in 2014!

Earlier this week, popular collector site T-Hunted posted the below information/release schedule when it pertains to the popular 1:64 line:

- Batch A: USS Enterprise (Star Trek), 1980 Dodge Macho Power Wagon (Simon & Simon), Flintmobile (Flintstones), VW Beetle (Herbie The Love Bug), 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 (Fast & Furious).
- Batch B: Ferrari Dino 246 GTS (Hart to Hart), Jetsons Capsule (Jetsons), Custom ’77 Dodge Van (Old School), ’67 GTO (Need for Speed), GMC Motorhome (Stripes).
- Batch C: Back To The Future, Need for Speed, Simon & Simon, James Bond.
- Batch D: Karate Kid, Knight Rider, Fast & Furious, James Bond, Tomy Boy.
- Batch E: Zoolander, James Bond, Simpsons, Beverly Hills 90210, Anchorman.
- Batch F: BJ and the Bear, James Bond, Ghostbusters II, Back To The Future, Batman.

No real word yet an on exact release month.

Oh, and before we forget…

Mattel has announced a 1:18 scale Anniversary Edition of the Ecto-1. No real details have been announced on how it’ll differ from the Ecto that was released a few years back, but we’ll keep you updated as more info becomes available.

Mattel’s Neutrino Wand gets limited shipping due to accuracy

European fans should probably take not that Mattel’s upcoming Neurtino Wand has hit a bit of a snag in regards to international shipping. Here’s what Toyguru posted over on the Matty forums earlier this week:

Due to country restrictions (which Mattel has no control over) the Neutrino Wand will not be able to ship to the following counties:

EU Member States: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

Torn between making as accurate of a wand as possible or complying with country codes, we went with the most accurate possible. Sorry for any inconvience, again, this is not something Mattel can control. To be compliant in all of these countries the Wand would have needed to look extremely different and that did not seem like the best service to fans.


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