New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys inspired by Ghostbusters?

Playmates have just released their brand new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figure line entitled “Mutagen Ooze”. With two of the figures featuring flight suits and all four featuring backpacks that can be filled with ooze, it has led many to believe the line’s inspiration came from the Ghostbusters. See for yourself below.

Original prototype images also showed colored name tags on the character as seen in the below pic.

New female Ghostbusters costumes from Rubie’s

Rubie’s Costumes will have two new Ghostbusters themed Halloween outfits available later this year.

The first is the ‘Sexy Secret Wishes Ghostbuster Costume’, which is the same as their previous “sexy” release, only this time featuring a dress/skirt.

The second is the exact same concept, only a bit more conservative as it’s made for young girls.

If you’re interested in either costume, should have them available soon.

Bad Taste Bears to release another Ghostbusters inspired figure

It’s been a year and a half since we posted about Bad Taste Bears, the cute and morbid series that is sure to both please and disgust. Originally we spoke about the character known as “Puffy”, the obvious Stay Puft Marshmallow Man inspired design. We’re even more excited over what’s coming out in May… say hello to Murray:

You can check out concept art + shots of the mold here (some images on the site aren’t suitable for all ages).

Source:’s Facebook page

Bad Taste Bears featuring Stay Puft inspired creation

If you’ve never checked out Bad Taste Bears, we’d suggest that you do (WARNING: Some content is 18+). They focus on custom creations of cute cuddly teddy bears, but usually with some type of comical or morbid twist.

I have no idea when the below was originally listed, but we were just notified over “Puffy”, or as his hat says, Stay Pist!

I know that you’re wanting to place an order, so click here to do so!

Rare Tsukuda Ghostbusters vinyl figures now on e-Bay

Two of the rarest Ghostbusters items are now available for the next 24 hours on e-Bay. Both the 1/90 Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and a 1/6 Terror Dog made by Tsukuda have found their way online, and you can check out the auctions below.

VERY Rare Tsukuda 1/90 Ghostbusters Marshmallow Man ’84
VERY Rare Tsukuda 1/6 Ghostbusters Terror Dog Figure 84

We usually try and not post e-Bay auctions, but I’m sure this will peak the interest of several ghostheads.

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