Samhain action figure prototype now on eBay

Collectors take note!

The prototype figure of Samhain, used on the backcard of all Extreme Ghostbusters action figures is currently up for auction on eBay! The price as of this posting is at $525 without any bids as of yet.

To check out the auction or additional images, click here.

Thanks to Bigpaw Sinatra for the heads up!

New shots of rare Extreme Ghostbusters prototypes

Trendmaster Collector Jonathan Shyman is back with even more goodies from the Extreme Ghostbusters line. You can check out prototype images of the Ghost Grabbin Gyro-Copter and the¬†Ghost Blastin Buster Bike below (sitting next to the retail releases), then be sure to head on over to Shyman’s Flickr photostream to see more (page seven features these items).

Left Side: Resin Prototype / Right Side: Production Figure

Left Side: Resin Prototype / Right Side: Final Production Prototype

New shots of unreleased Garrett figure + prototype Ghosts

Back in July pictures of an unreleased Garrett figure from Trendmaster’s Extreme Ghostbusters line were released. Trendmaster Collector Jonathan Shyman was the man behind the shots and he recently updated his Flickr account with additional images of the figure and even a few of the prototype Ghosts that were altered before release.

Click here or the above images to check out Shyman’s Flickr gallery.

Yes, there was going to be an Extreme Ghostbusters toy of Garrett

I’ll admit it, I really wasn’t a huge collector of the Extreme Ghostbusters line. Maybe it was the odd colour choices or the over the top proton pack designs, but I had little to no interest in this figure series. Still, it has always kind of bugged me they never made an action figure of Garrett.

If you were one of the few that kept holding his/her breath over the figure that never was, then we have a little treat. Trendmaster Collector Jonathan Shyman recently released two prototype pictures of the planned Garrett figure, with the images showing up on

Here’s what Jonathan Shyman had to say about the figure:

Trendmasters did a prototype of the Garrett Miller figure. Garrett’s wheelchair here is completely modified to have a massive ray gun or missile launcher instead of what is seen on Extreme Ghostbusters, and would not fit in the Ecto-1 Cruiser. His hair is also a lighter shade then his actual animated look, which was often the case with any prototype Trendmasters made before the final colors were established. This unique piece is most likely a one of a kind prototype, which was used as a Toy Fair Paint Master Sample, since it’s completely done up, like most Toy Fair Samples.”

If you’d like to check out more information on the figure, click here.

Thanks to Matthew D. Jordan for the heads up!

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