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TMNT/Ghostbusters #2 comic cover revealed!

As excitement builds for the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters comic crossover from IDW, artist Dan Schoening shared the below cover preview for issue #2:

Amazing cover + equally amazing hashtag.

Be sure to check out Tristan Jones variant cover here.

The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man featured on NBC’s Today show

Today co-host Al Roker has a favorite film. Any guesses to what it is? Here’s a hint…

Pic source: https://twitter.com/TODAYshow/status/502055787104333824/photo/1

As if you couldn’t tell!

In celebration of Al’s 60th birthday, the folks over at NBC erected a massive Stay Puft Marshmallow Man directly in the middle of Rockefeller Center!

To help add to the festivities, NY Mayor Bill de Blasio stopped by and declared today ‘Al Roker Appreciation Day”.

Click the below link to check out the video!

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Video: The Lego Ghostbusters Movie (short film)

Over the past few months Lego enthusiast Monsieur Caron has been hard at work putting together a fan made short film featuring the new Lego Ghostbusters play set. You can find the video below, but beforehand check out what Caron had to say about this labor of love:

This is an homage to the 30th anniversary of the Ghostbusters movie made with everyones favorite toy… LEGO bricks. With the LEGO Ideas set 21108 that came out this year, I had to do a brickfilm to make the Ecto-1 shine again.

Or course, I had to put a lot of ghosts into it, so I added some famous movie “ghosts” as well as a new one. There is no LEGO “Slimer”, so I found someone else (who eat a lot) to fill in.

Oh, before you go, be sure to watch the behind the scenes featurette!

Fan Creation: Slimer themed Sega Master System

Artist Vadu Amka gave the below Sega Master System II a rather slime-tastic makeover!

For additional images, including the ‘making of’, check out Amka’s original post.

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