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Video: Dan Aykroyd on the Today Show

Dan Aykroyd stopped by the Today Show to talk about the brand new James Brown biopic Get On Up, however it didn’t take long for the focus to shift to Ghostbusters and more importantantly Ghostbusters 3. Aykroyd said that “It looks like we’ll be in pre-production in the spring now, from what I’m hearing,” he told host Carson Daly. “It should be good.”

Dan, we absolutely love you, but we’re holding out for the official announcement from Sony.

Chronicle Collectibles show off first images of their 1/4 scale Terror Dog

Chronicle Collectibles just released preview images of their 1/4 scale Terror Dog!

Check out the below write up from the fine folks at Chronicle Collectibles + images below:

Cast from Randy Cook’s original molds we are proud to announce our 1/4
scale Terror Dog. Randy is our newest Legacy Series member and we hope to have more products from Randy’s vast career listed soon.

Terror Dog is 1/4 scale and almost 24″ long, 15″ wide, 11″ tall at the crest of his head, this is one big puppy.

Will be released in two versions, regular and signature editions. The regular Edition will have an estimated retail of $499.99 for the full price pre-pay. No price set for the signature editions yet and as always you can take advantage of our easy payment plans.

Terror Dog is in the classic pose with his mouth open. Two sets of horns are included for the keymaster or gatekeeper.

Est. ship: 4th quarter 2014

See the painted prototype at San Diego Comic Con!

Pending Licensor Approval….

For additional information, we suggest “liking” Chronicle Collectible’s Facebook page.

Ghostbusters of British Columbia release “prologue” to web series

Feel the need to be entertained? The Ghostbusters of British Columbia just released the “prologue” episode of their new web series!

Ryan comes over to Todd’s apartment to try and cheer him up since he’s lost his job. The pair call the evening a write off, diving into a sea of green vodka, yet still brainstorming business opportunities. The next morning, the duo discover that they may have signed up for something that was not what they were expecting to get into.

For more information on the BC crew, be sure to check out their Facebook page.

IDW announces Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters four-issue comic series

Earlier today IDW announced a four-issue “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters” series. The first issue will hit comic shelves in October just as the monthly Ghostbusters series comes to a close.

Below you’ll find the regular cover as well the subscription variant:

New Ghostbusters web series to launch?

Ghostbusters of British Columbia has been hinting at the coming of a new GB-themed web series, but has been rather mute on any details. Well now GhostbustersNews.com has obtained plot details from someone said to be ‘very close to the production’. It seems the series (unconfirmed number of episodes) will tell a fictional story of how the GBBC’s came to be the Ghostbusters. Messages to the Ghostbusters of BC were not returned by press time, however we were able to obtain one image (featured above) which is speculated to be the teaser poster for the upcoming show.


We’ve just received word that the very first episode is already well into production.

For further updates, be sure to keep it locked to Ghostbusters News and the Ghostbusters of British Columbia’s Facebook page.

Fan art: Real Ghostbusters “Monsters” action figure series

Need a retro flashback? Check out artist Phil Postma’s take on these classic Real Ghostbusters action figures from the “Monsters” series!

Be sure to check out more of Phil’s art by checking out his website.

Steve Guttenberg believes Ghostbusters 2 was never made

Would Steve Guttenberg like to be in Ghostbusters 3? Sounds like it, but according to the man we once knew and loved as Mahoney, you’ll have to make Ghostbusters 2 first!

Guttenberg (who appeared in the first four Police Academy films) seems pretty confident that Ghostbusters 2 never happened.

Is he joking? Actually believes what he’s saying? Heck, maybe he’s just trolling the folks at TMZ.

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