Ghostbusters fans discover how to perfectly replicate Hi-C Ecto Cooler

Last week, we featured a video of a Hi-C Ecto Cooler taste test. In it, the 2021 commemorative release of Ecto Cooler was put up against the similar tasting Orange Tangerine from Juicy Juice, and a homebrew blend from the San Diego Ghostbusters.

An interesting thing to note about the “homebrew” offering was it was being pitched as a “secret retro eighties recipe from Coca-Cola’s archives,” with a tutorial video being promised. To say the San Diego Ghostbusters had my and countless other Ghostbusters fans attention would’ve been an understatement!

In an update, the San Diego Ghostbusters just posted their recipe video, promising that it’ll “create a 100% flavor replica of our 80’s-90’s Ecto Cooler.” You see, apparently what was released back in 2016 and last year was a slightly different recipe than what we were all enjoying in elementary school back in the early 1990s!

Without any further ado, check out the recipe video below.

As revealed in the video, it appears that if you’re craving that genuine Ecto Cooler taste, all you need is some Tampico Citrus Punch and some Minute Maid Lemonade!

Of course, we’re looking to try out this recipe and will undoubtedly give it a feature over on the Ghostbusters News YouTube channel, just as soon as we find a way to get Tampico Citrus Punch up to Canada!

Jason Fitzsimmons

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