UNBOXING: Custom Ghostbusters: Afterlife LEGO Minifigures! (Ghost Egon, Phoebe, and Gozer)

Last month, we reported on a highly-limited set of custom LEGO Minifigures inspired by Ghostbusters: Afterlife from brick building enthusiast Cut the Kragle.

Being the set is fan-made, it doesn’t carry the official Ghostbusters branding; instead, going a bit off-brand, it is titled “Ghost Smashers” and includes three familiar-looking figures; Flattop Destructor, Flightsuit Junior, and Ghostly Grandfather.

Considering there’s been no word on any upcoming officially licensed LEGO Ghostbusters sets, we decided to take the plunge on these, with today’s video showcasing a full unboxing and overview of each figure.

Given the rarity of this set, being limited to just 25 individual units, they’ve long since sold out, but as mentioned in the video, Cut the Kragle is rumored to have another assortment on the way, even giving fans a sneak peek of Paul Rudd’s character Mr. Grooberson in LEGO form.

We’d recommend giving Cut the Kragle a follow on Instagram to stay updated with any future reveals in his “Ghost Smashers” line.

Not that we need to, but to further clarify, these custom LEGO Minifigures are 100% fan-made and are not endorsed by Sony Pictures Entertainment or Ghost Corps.

FUN FACT: Columbia Pictures had to license the Ghostbusters name as Filmation already had a 1975 children’s television show, Ghost Busters. If Columbia was unsuccessful in obtaining the rights, Ghost Smashers was a potential title for the film; in fact, it was the original title of Dan Aykroyd’s first script for what would eventually become Ghostbusters.

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