A look back at ‘Deadliners,’ one of Extreme Ghostbusters more disturbing episodes

It’s been nearly 25 years since Extreme Ghostbusters first premiered, and while the series is likely best remembered for introducing the character of Kylie Griffin, as well as the two-part finale that brought back the Real Ghostbusters, there’s a slew of great, dare I say, near-perfect episodes that are often overlooked.

I remember the morning I came across the series for the first time. I was waiting to go to school, peanut butter and jelly sandwich in hand, flipping through the channels, and I came across a quick shot of the Ecto-1 barreling down New York City streets, accompanied by a hard-rockin’ cover of the classic Ray Parker Jr. theme song. I was instantly hooked.

Among the 40 episodes, a handful stands out for me. While I’ll likely eventually talk about all of them, today, I wanted to feature what is probably my all-time favorite episode of Extreme Ghostbusters, Deadliners!

For those unaware, Deadliners pits the Extreme Ghostbusters against the Vathek, a trio of twisted-looking entities inspired by Hellraiser’s Cenobites. Yeah, a children’s show starring characters lifted right out of an R-rated horror film. If that sounds like a fun time, check out our look back at this rather morbid episode below!

While on the topic of Extreme Ghostbusters, when the series first premiered, I was 13 years old, and while I enjoyed the then-updated take, when it came to buying the accompanying action figure line, I thought of myself as, ahem, “too old.”

Of course, I have fixed this over the past several years, not only tracking down the standard line of action figures but recently looking at the increasingly hard-to-find Proton Pack and Ghost Trap roleplay toys!

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