HBO’s The Last of Us takes Ghostbusters fans back to a familiar location

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There’s something strange in your neighborhood, but this time around, it’s not a ghost. Instead, it’s HBO’s new post-apocalyptic drama The Last of Us, that in its first episode, took Ghostbusters fans back to a familiar location.

Based on the popular video game franchise from Naughty Dog, the series premiered earlier this month with the episode “When You’re Lost in the Darkness,” which included a prelude to the series’ mass fungal infection, following the characters of Joel, his daughter Sarah and brother Tommy attempting to flee Austin, Texas.

Fort Macleod, Alberta, was used as a stand-in for a portion of The Last of Us’ initial episode. While that isn’t too newsworthy given the small town’s history in film & television, serving as a backdrop in Brokeback Mountain, Passchendaele, and Interstellar, one shot gave fans of 2020’s Ghostbusters: Afterlife a bit of deja-vu.


Being used for the fictitious Summerville, Oklahoma, the main street of Fort Macleod is seen throughout Afterlife, most notably when the characters of Phoebe, Trevor, and Podcast are hunting down series newcomer Muncher, eventually finding the gluttonous metal-devouring specter as it is shown attempting to eat a fire hydrant.

Looking at that scene, in particular, a moment where the camera takes the viewer inside the Ectombile, it’s easy to see why some instantly recognized the filming location. While vastly different in tone, the site and camera positioning are nearly identical, with The Last of Us even showing the curb where Muncher attempted to grab his last meal.

CREDIT: Columbia Pictures Ghost Corps

Special thanks to Ghostbusters News reader SleepyCrab for being the first to send in the heads-up on this quirky bit of news.

The Last of Us airs Sundays at 9 pm ET on HBO and can be streamed on-demand through HBO Max.

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