Real Ghostbusters-inspired polo tees now available for pre-order

Things just got REAL as the team over at Bull Airs is offering up a new assortment of shirts that reimagine the classic two-tone uniforms seen in The Real Ghostbusters cartoon series as branded polo tees.

Best known for their highly nostalgic and customizable shoes, Bull Airs just launched pre-orders, announcing this colorful, fan-made line through Instagram, showing off the tees, accompanied by eye-catching artwork from @turbopork.

Listed at $50 per shirt, a bundle option priced at $150 is available, in addition to a gift being advertised for those who grab the entire set. An expected end-of-February ship date is listed with international shipping available.

Some of the finer details of the tees include:

  • Inside button-up fabric adorned with trap caution design
  • Embroidered tag on the bottom of the shirt with the Bull Airs logo and cartoon line branding.
  • Embroidered Bull Airs Spector logo on chest

It should be stated that much like Bull Airs other clothing options, these are non-licensed, being considered as “fan wearable parody artwork”

In addition to the polos, a pair of Stay Puft Marshmallow Man-inspired slides are also available. Being named “I Ain’t Afraid of No Slides,” they feature the marshmallow behemoth’s sailors garb and the spector rendition of the Bull Airs logo.

If you’d like to grab the polo tees or a pair of Stay Puft Slides, click here to shop now.

Jason Fitzsimmons

Jason Fitzsimmons

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