Guide to unlocking Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed’s Necroplast skins

This week not only saw Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed receive its long-awaited first free DLC pack, adding the Facility map, a gluttonous new ghost type, Real Ghostbusters customization options, new gear, and gameplay improvements, but today, the Necroplast event has begun, allowing players to unlock limited time available skins of the Ectoplast, merely by watching or streaming the game through Twitch!

Given this is the very first-time Spirits Unleashed has ran a drop such as this, we’ve received a barrage of messages and e-mails from fellow fans looking for a bit of clarity, as instructions on how to link up your Illfonic details to Twitch have been pretty much non-existent, an obvious requirement to grab the rewards.

While there are a few hoops to jump through, the process is relatively straightforward. Today’s feature provides an easy walkthrough, ensuring you can grab these four rather-looking mischievous specters!

As mentioned in the video, you’ll want to visit Illfonic’s account page, linking your preferred way of play to your Twitch account starting today, February 1st, with the campaign running until the 16th. There are four skins to collect, meaning you’ll need to watch or stream for four hours in total.

In addition to the Ectoplast class receiving a facelift, yesterday’s update brought players the introduction of the Glutton, the new Ghost-type comprised of Afterlife’s Muncher, alongside newcomers Spew and Heap. Being able to eat objects found within the map, earning a machine gun-like projectile attack, check out the Glutton in action below.

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