Rick Moranis Ghostbusters toy includes box of Pepperidge Farm cookies

Throughout the years, we’ve seen Ghostbusters’ favorite Louis Tully, played by the legendary Rick Moranis, get immortalized in action figure form, being included in both Playmobil and LEGO build sets, along with Hasbro’s Plasma Series, but today’s one-off fan-made feature serves as a rather deep cut that I can’t imagine any large scale toy company ever rolling the dice on.

From custom figure maker Faux Show Collectibles, images of “Track Suit” Louis Tully were just posted online, commemorating the nerdy neighbor’s initial appearance, complete with blue workout wear and the hilarious pack-in accessory of Dana’s grocery bag.

Likely just finishing a 20-minute workout played at double speed, this form of Tully is more toyetic than it has any right to be and proves to be a nice change compared to the Vinz Clortho party attire he’s nearly always depicted in.

Coming mint on card, you’ll spot some great shots of Moranis, along with the backside advertising a series three that will include “Psychic” Peter, “Classroom” Grooberson, and “Haunted” Dana. Again, not to trample any collectors’ hopes, but these are not mass-produced and often serve as one-offs.

I also need to call Dana’s grocery bag, as not only does it pair perfectly with the figure, but the level of detail is rather impressive, being comprised of a carton of eggs, celery, and a box of Pepperidge Farm cookies. In fact, the custom toy made me do a double-take with the film, and everything checks out!

For dedicated readers of Ghostbusters News or subscribers of our YouTube channel, Faux Show Collectibles‘ work should look somewhat familiar, as we’ve featured previous Ghostbusters creations that saw the four heroes in their “casual wear,” followed by some toyetic takes inspired by Ghostbusters II.

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