Adam Savage unboxes Blitzway’s 1/6 scale Ghostbusters Ecto-1

When not touring Ghostbusters film sets or using his prop-building expertise to make the Hasbro Proton Pack look more screen-accurate, Adam Savage can be found playing with REALLY cool toys, with today’s feature showcasing an in-depth unboxing of Blitzway’s 1/6 Ghostbusters Ecto-1.

Given that Savage is, like a lot of us, a lifelong Ghostbusters fan, the video is about what you’d expect, with the former Mythbuster geeking out over all of the toy vehicle’s scaled-down details, all the while constructing the high-end collectible.

Adam unboxes and reviews the largest scale model vehicle ever to arrive at the studio: the massive 1/6th scale Ghostbusters Ecto-1 from Blitzway via BigBadToyStore! This is an insanely detailed replica of the original Ecto-1 as it appeared in the first Ghostbusters film, illuminated throughout with LED lights and even the engine fully modeled under the hood. It’s a rare collectible that leaves Adam speechless, and he can’t wait to weather it up in a future build!

Initially launched for pre-order in 2017 at $1,400, the toy vehicle has long since sold out, outside of recent and highly limited restock from BigBadToyStore that gave fans a second chance to grab the holy grail collectible, albeit, at a highly inflated $2,999 price point.

As previously reported, Blitzway is readying the launch of their Ghostbusters: Afterlife 1/6 scale Ecto-1, which will retain most features seen in today’s video, while adding details unique to the 2021 sequel, including the gunner seat, RTV, and notable age and rust.

Touted as “the world’s best model” of the Ecto-1, for fans who’d like to add Blitzway’s highly detailed take on Afterlife‘s rusted-out Cadillac, it’s available for pre-order for $1,899.

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