Let’s try Hi-C Ecto Cooler Ghostbusters spread!

Last month the flavorful throwback specialists over at Nutty & Nostalgic released 90’s Ecto Nutty, a food spread homage to Ghostbusters fans’ beloved green drink, Hi-C Ecto Cooler!

Previously grabbing attention for replicating other discontinued favorites as similar spreads and layered desserts, including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s Turtle Pies, when announced, Nutty & Nostalgic said that the flavor profile of Ecto Cooler was “an absolute pain,” also making the rather bold claim that it would becomeĀ “one of your favorites.”

So, does this stuff actually taste like Ecto Cooler, and if so, was it worth all the hype? In today’s feature, I have the chance to finally try it, even pairing it with another Ghostbusters staple; a Hostess Twinkie!

As mentioned, we’d like to send a huge “thank you” to reader Keith Coffey for sending a jar of 90’s Ecto Nutty up to the Ghostbusters News HQ, making today’s video possible.

While 90’s Ecto Nutty is currently unavailable, for those wanting a taste of their childhood, be sure to check out Nutty & Nostalgic, with current offerings taking inspiration from Butterbeer, Simpsons-style doughnuts, and Butterfinger BBs!

Jason Fitzsimmons

Jason Fitzsimmons

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