First look at upcoming Ghostbusters sequel, behind-the-scenes photo shared by Jason Reitman

CREDIT: Jason Reitman | Eric Steelberg

With filming of the next Ghostbusters scheduled to begin soon in the United Kingdom, co-writer Jason Reitman has just given fans their first behind-the-scenes look, posting a photo of both he and filmmaking partner, director Gil Kenan, to Instagram.

The photo, credited to Ghostbusters: Afterlife cinematographer Eric Steelberg, who’s more than expected to reprise his role in the upcoming sequel, shows the duo overseeing the construction of a studio set that should look familiar to Ghostbusters fans!

CREDIT: Jason Reitman | Eric Steelberg

Given the simple caption “Firehouse,” the film’s working title, from what can be seen, while unfinished, is the recreated interior of the Ghostbusters Headquarters. In fact, a portion of the set even includes writing that identifies it as the “main entrance,” no doubt a clever tease from the filmmakers.

While some might be disappointed to learn that a set will be used for these interior shots, it should be stated that the real-world location used in Ghostbusters & Ghostbusters II, Los Angeles’ Engine Co. 23, at this moment, is nearly unrecognizable, going under heavy construction in recent years, with plans for the destination to eventually re-open as a youth arts center.

As reported earlier this month, the Ecto-1 was spotted arriving within the United Kingdom, touching down at Glasgow Prestwick Airport, appearing much like we last saw it in Afterlife, with noticeable dents and rust marks.

Firehouse is slated to begin filming next week, March 6th, and as always, we’ll be sure to keep everyone up to date with official reveals and announcements from the set, so be sure to keep checking back to Ghostbusters News, and if you haven’t done so already, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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