NOW STREAMING: The Real Ghostbusters episode ‘Camping It Up’

The Real Ghostbusters are back with the episode “Camping It Up,” now streaming!

In today’s episode, the Ghostbusters head off to the woods for a camping vacation. That night, Ray scares the wits out of everyone with a spooky ghost story that inadvertently reveals a Bigfoot nearby!

The Ghostbusters are off on a camping trip and, as they close up the Firehouse and head off, they all agree that they don’t want to hear the word ghost for a whole week! But when they finally find their campsite, they soon find that there’s something far more spooky hiding in the woods than Ray’s campfire stories…

FUN FACT: Before leaving on the camping trip, Ray investigates Slimer’s bag. Among the cornucopia of junk food inside, a package of Twinkies can be spotted.

If you missed the last featured episode of The Real Ghostbusters“The Copycat” give it a watch below.

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Jason Fitzsimmons

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