Ghostbusters II poster art declares “We’re Back” as the Statue of Liberty towers above NYC

Despite not seeing the same box office success as the first Ghostbusters, we firmly believe the 1989 sequel is highly underrated. From the introduction of the menacing Vigo the Carpathian to a river of psychomagnotheric mood slime and, of course, the Statue of Liberty being controlled by a Nintendo video game controller, there’s a lot to love in the Ivan Reitman-directed follow-up.

In today’s feature, artist Neil Fraser has shared a follow-up to his previous ’84 poster art of the Ghostbusters Firehouse, this time conjuring up enough good vibes, recreating Lady Liberty’s stroll through the streets of New York City, accompanied by proton streams lighting up the ominous night sky.

Given that they clearly “don’t make Nikes in her size,” we love the addition of the “We’re Back!” graffiti added to Libby’s size 879 feet, serving as a clever callback to the film’s marketing, one of Bobby Brown’s featured songs on the soundtrack, and of course, a direct quote from the character of Ray Stantz.

At this time, prints of Fraser’s Ghostbusters II poster art haven’t been made available, but for those looking to support the artist, his previous piece, including a slight variation, both featuring Tribeca’s Hook & Ladder 8, can be purchased, alongside an unconventional poster that depicts a cluttered desk, littered with a Twinkie, Neutrona Wand, Ghost Trap and one of Spengler’s specimen containers.

If you’d like to grab either or all three, visit Fraser’s online store, with each poster starting at only $24 USD.

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