Upcoming Ghostbusters sequel reportedly gets a new working title

Ghostbusters News can confirm that the Hell’s Kitchen name, while used, was only used for early casting, and the film is still under the codename Firehouse. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

Announced during last year’s Ghostbusters Day celebration, the upcoming Ghostbusters sequel was given the codename of Firehouse, being said to pick up from where Afterlife left off, with the Ecto-1 “driving back into Manhattan: the home of the Ghostbusters.”

With filming set to begin later this month at Warner Bros. Studios, Leavesden in England, many fans have questioned if the franchise is set to receive a drastic change in scenery, or instead, the United Kingdom will merely double as New York City, with today’s report, seemingly swaying to the latter.

Initially reported by Ghostbusters Wiki, the newest Production Weekly has double-downed on an alternate codename for the sequel, being listed as Hell’s Kitchen. Somehow even more New York than Ghost Corps’ homage to Tribeca’s Hook & Ladder 8, the title serves as a nod to the West Side of midtown Manhattan.

It should be stated that Columbia Pictures Ghost Corps has yet to confirm Hell’s Kitchen as the sequel’s revised working title, but with filming set to kick off in mere weeks, we’d expect confirmation soon, so keep checking back, and if you haven’t done so already subscribe to our YouTube channel for continued coverage.

Over the past several weeks, co-writer and producer Jason Reitman has begun providing fans with a behind-the-scenes look at the film. First, sharing an image of an under-construction firehouse set, it was followed up with a sneak peek at the return of the Ecto Goggles, with director Gil Kenan seen wearing the iconic film prop alongside the added caption “lensing up.”

With filming expected to wrap in June, the upcoming Ghostbusters sequel is currently slated to arrive in theaters on December 20th, 2023.

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