Ernie Hudson praises Ghostbusters sequel script, says his character is “very much included”

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With filming of the next Ghostbusters expected to kick off next week in the United Kingdom, we’ve got an update on the Ernie Hudson saga, which has had fans questioning if the star would be returning for the upcoming sequel.

For those that missed it, Hudson has been running the media circuit over the past month, promoting the new comedy Champions, in which he co-stars opposite Woody Harrelson. As a guest on The Howard Stern Show, the actor’s criticism of Columbia Pictures’ lack of inclusivity garnered high attention, saying that over the years, he had felt “pushed aside,” being left off of marketing material, namely film posters, and that these omissions “felt deliberate.” An interview on The Jennifer Hudson Show served as a follow-up, with Hudson questioning his involvement in the sequel, openly telling Ghostbusters fans, “They’re doing another one, and I’m not sure if I’ll be in it, but for the fans to know, it won’t be because of me.”

Late last week, there was a positive update, as while a guest on NBC’s Today show, Hudson not only spoke more welcoming of the franchise but, when asked if he’d be back for the sequel, responded:

“I think so. I mean, my representatives say it’s all happening. They’re measuring me for suits and sending me scripts, but I’m like, yeah, but, you know, I haven’t signed.”

CREDIT: Columbia Pictures Ghost Corps

In a new interview with Looper, Hudson makes it apparent that he’s fully aware of recent media coverage but makes a point to mention that when it comes to Winston’s importance to the franchise, both he and co-writer/producer Jason Reitman have “talked about it,” ensuring that the character will be “very much included” in the upcoming film.

“Jason Reitman, who is producing this one, from the very beginning when he got involved … There’s been a lot of things out recently about me not being happy about certain treatments or whatever. But Jason made sure — and in fact, we talked about it — that Winston would be very much included and very much part of the franchise and appreciated for what he brings to it. Everybody’s back. It’s a great script and a lot of fun.”

With the majority of those at Columbia Pictures Ghost Corps in the United Kingdom as pre-production is well underway, there’s already been a few sneak peeks ahead of filming, as in addition to leaks, co-writer Jason Reitman provided fans their first official look at the recreated interior of the Ghostbusters firehouse set, along with a photo of director Gil Kenan wearing a slightly revised pair of Ecto Goggles.

The sequel to Ghostbusters: Afterlife is slated to arrive in theaters on December 20th, 2023. Keep checking Ghostbusters News and subscribe to our YouTube channel for future updates and exclusive coverage.

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