The BEST Slimer toy just got BIGGER + GIVEAWAY announcement

Last November, we unboxed Fantazm Toys’ Slimeball figure, a take on Slimer’s appearance seen in the original 1984 Ghostbusters, which, while entirely unlicensed, finally gave fans a highly accurate action figure of everyone’s favorite disgusting green blob!

Given that we previously heralded the toy as “the best ever” and “perfect,” we couldn’t imagine how Fantazm Toys could ever make their Slimeball figure even better, but somehow, they have, as in the not-so-distant future, they’ll be releasing a super-sized glow-in-the-dark rendition that measures roughly 6″ in height!

First revealed through Instagram, Fantazm was nice enough to send an advanced Slimeball XL to the Ghostbusters News HQ, with today’s feature providing not only a complete overview of the Spud but also the recently released glow-in-the-dark Crypt Creepers assortment!

There’s currently no ETA on when the Slimeball XL will be available for purchase, with the next offering from Fantazm Toys expected to be their must-have Terror Tub, but in the meantime, Ghostbusters fans are encouraged to enter Fantazm Toys’ Instagram contest, with prizes including the Slimeball and the aforementioned Crypt Creepers!

Entering to win is easy, with the only obligation being to follow Fantazm Toys, like and share this post, and tag two of your friends in the comments. The contest will close this Friday, March 31st, at midnight EST, so be sure to enter today!

If you missed our review of the standard Slimer release, find it below.

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