Unboxing the Japan exclusive 1/90 scale Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Last year, I heralded S.H. Figuart’s Stay Puft Marshmallow Man action figure as one of the greatest adaptations of the confectionery kaiju ever released, prompting many fans to share their opinions on which collectible is the sailor’s most quintessential, with a resounding lot of you mentioning Tsukuda’s 1/90 scale hobby model.

Released in the mid-1980s as a Japan exclusive, Tsukuda’s jumbo-sized Stay Puft stands an impressive 17″ in height and rounds out the short-lived line of officially licensed Ghostbusters model kits, comprised of a smaller-scale 6″ marshmallow man and an 11″ long Terror Dog.

In today’s feature, join us for a long overdue and rare look at the bucket list-worthy collectible that many consider Stay Puft’s most screen-accurate and quintessential adaptations.

While nowhere near the articulation of S.H. Figuart’s 2017 release, Tsukuda’s throwback more than makes up for it with an impressive sculpt that includes both happy and angry heads, real fabric detail, and its colossal size.

As previously reported, a 1985 issue of Hobby Japan magazine was recently unearthed by Twitter user @Matt_Alt, providing fans a rare glimpse at some of Tsukuda’s canceled models that would’ve included Gozer the Gozerian and the first figure releases of the Ghostbusters despite the actors’ questionable likenesses.

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