Better slime add-ons for your Ghostbusters Proton Pack

Earlier this year, we took an in-hand look at Hasbro’s crowd-funded Ghostbusters Proton Pack replica and all the pack-ins, including the green slime attachments that, while better than the included marshmallow goo, still left a lot to be desired.

Given that the slime was limited, as in addition to being an early-bird exclusive, those purchasing also needed to be a Hasbro Pulse Premium member, there was unquestionably a demand for similar add-ons, with today’s feature centered around a fan-made offering now available through Etsy.

Created by Ghostbusters fan Paul Schwarz, the attachments are available in two colors: Slimer green and psychomagnotheric pink. They are made of plastisol, the same stuff as soft fishing lures, which, as seen in the video, gives the pieces a pliable, almost gelatin-like consistency.

This fan slime not only looks arguably better than Hasbro’s but also won’t break the bank, but also, while the official attachments usually sell for $100 minimum on third-party sale sites, these are available for only $30, comprised of six individual pieces.

If you’d like to grab a set, they’re now in stock through Etsy, with shipping available to those in the United States. In speaking with Paul, we can confirm that he has plans to open up availability soon, including shipping to Canada, so for our fellow Canadians, stay tuned!

Jason Fitzsimmons

Jason Fitzsimmons

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