Ernie Hudson seemingly confirms original Ghostbusters cast will return in the upcoming sequel

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In an interview with The Film Collective, Ernie Hudson talked about the upcoming Ghostbusters sequel, further detailing Winston’s role in the film and potentially revealing the returns of Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, and Annie Potts.

Much like in the past interviews, Hudson spoke positively of producer Jason Reitman, saying that, unlike other studio executives, Reitman has been supportive of not only him but also the Winston character.

“Jason (Reitman) has really, really been, you know, supportive of me, and saying, okay, “We want to see Winston,” because the fans have sort of embraced that character unlike the studio expected. I had a studio exec say, “Wow! The fans sort of think of Winston like he’s one of the Ghostbusters,” and I thought, that’s what I thought he was.

In Afterlife, Winston was revealed to have amassed a fortune, going on to purchase the Ghostbusters Firehouse in a post-credit scene, signaling the upcoming sequel and that the story would take the series back to New York City. While rather tight-lipped regarding plot details, Hudson did speak briefly about the upcoming film, saying:

“Winston has been very successful on his own, and he’s made a lot of money, but he loves the franchise, and so he brought a lot of his wealth to the Ghostbusters to try and go deeper into what’s going on and makes sense of it.,” adding, “I love the fact that Winston has a place and not feeling like an add-on. He’s very, very much a part of it.”

Likely the most significant talking point coming out of the interview, well, at least for Ghostbusters fans, is that in speaking about the impending sequel, Hudson clearly made it known that he wouldn’t be the only member of the original cast to be returning.

“It’s great to be back with Danny and Bill and Annie Potts and the new cast. It’s been forty years, it just feels like family.

To be clear, “Bill” could mean either Bill Murray or, instead, William Atherton, who, in leaked photographs, was spotted on set just last week.

CREDIT: Columbia Pictures Ghost Corps

It should be noted that Columbia Pictures Ghost Corps have yet to make an official announcement regarding any of the original casts’ involvement, so certainly stay tuned to Ghostbusters News and our YouTube channel for future updates.

Special thanks to the Michigan Ghostbusters for the heads-up regarding today’s news!

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