Ghostbusters Day celebration to include a live performance of “Savin’ the Day” at NYC’s Hook & Ladder 8 Firehouse

In honor of this year’s Ghostbusters Day, fan franchise group The Buffalo Ghostbusters are hosting their annual fundraiser for New York City’s Hook & Ladder 8, otherwise known as the Ghostbusters Firehouse, with this year’s goal being set at $10,000. Funds raised will commemorate an FDNY transport van in honor of Lt. Vincent Halloran, who perished in the 9/11 attacks.

Shaping up to be one of the biggest celebrations yet, the day is much more than just a fan gathering, with festivities including special appearances by the Ecto-1 NJ and Ecto-NYC, a film location walking tour, exclusive merchandise, and a just-announced live performance by The Alessi Brothers!

Not that we should have to tell you, but Bobby and Billy Alessi performed the classic track “Saving the Day,” featured on the award-winning 1984 soundtrack and used as an anthem during the film’s third act that sees the city of New York rallying behind the Ghostbusters.

Taking place June 10th at noon EST outside of Hook & Ladder 8, other reveals, and announcements are expected over the next month, including more fan vehicles likely being confirmed, no doubt making for highly memorable photo-ops for attendees.

Before the big day, fans of all ages and artistic abilities are asked to participate in the “THANK YOU LADDER 8” initiative. A collaboration between The Buffalo Ghostbusters and The Mooglie Fan Club, for those who would like to take part, download and use this template and mail in your submission. Artwork will be compiled and presented to Hook & Ladder during the celebration.

Lastly, a limited set of thermal mug patches are available, with profits from the sales going directly into this year’s fundraiser. Sold as a set, each patch measures 4.5″ and is priced at $22 shipped in the United States or $23 shipped internationally (without tracking). Available until April 30th, place your order by e-mailing The Buffalo Ghostbusters:

For information on this year’s Ghostbusters Annual Walking Tour, check out our previous coverage,

To donate directly to this year’s cause, the GoFundMe page is available here.

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