Ghostbusters: Afterlife’s emotional finale gets recreated with the cast of the animated series

In a follow-up to his ‘Dirt Farmer’ print, fan-favorite artist Chris J. Sorrentino is back, again reimagining a memorable moment of Ghostbusters: Afterlife in the style of the 1980s cartoon series The Real Ghostbusters, this time turning his attention to the sequel’s emotional finale.

Much like in the live-action flick, the ghostly figure of Egon Spengler is seen standing alongside Ray Stantz, Peter Venkman, and Winston Zeddemore, but here, all four characters appear like their animated counterparts. Details include Egon’s blonde hair (well, older white hair) paired with red glasses and each Buster wearing their appropriately colored two-tone uniform. We especially love Winston sans mustache, making the character accurate to his cartoon counterpart.

Sorrentino uploaded an early draft of the piece (seen above) that calls attention to the tremendous linework, especially with the noticeable age given to all four characters and Egon’s slightly unkempt beard.

For those looking to grab a print, they’ll be available next month exclusively during the New York City Ghostbusters Day celebration at Hook & Ladder 8. Prints will be FREE of charge but are limited, with Sorrentino confirming that they’ll be “first come, first serve.”

Hosted by The Buffalo Ghostbusters, this year’s Ghostbusters Day event will take place on June 10th outside of Tribeca’s famed Hook & Ladder 8 Firehouse, otherwise known as Ghostbusters Headquarters. Attractions for the fan gathering include appearances from replica vehicles the Ecto-1 NJ and Ecto-NYCa live performance from the Alessi Brothersa Ghostbusters walking tour, exclusive merchandise, and, as reported just yesterday, a wedding!

Like previous years, the celebration is all for a good cause, with the annual fundraiser goal set at $10,000, with funds raised to commemorate an FDNY transport van in honor of Lt. Vincent Halloran, who perished in the 9/11 attacks. For those that would like to donate, a GoFundMe page is live.

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