New Extreme Ghostbusters-inspired toys + limited glow-in-the-dark variants | UNBOXING

Earlier this month, independent toy studio Fantazm Toys not only announced that some of their most popular Crypt Creepers figures would be receiving glow-in-the-dark variant rereleases but also that the line would further expand, revealing their first-ever Extreme Ghostbusters-inspired offering, Extreme Lizard.

In celebration of the figures now being available directly through Fantazm Toys, today we’re taking an in-hand look at all new releases, which includes the reptilian apparition, a highly familiar-looking gruesome twosome known as the Scary Scoleris, and the metal-munching (and likely drooling) Mini-Munch.

Given that much like the animated series, Trendmasters’ officially licensed Extreme Ghostbusters line was relatively short-lived, we’re hoping that Extreme Lizard will be the first of many fan-made offerings to take inspiration from the late 90s cartoon, especially given that longtime fans are STILL hoping to round out their team with a Garrett Miller action figure.

If you’d like to grab any of the figures within today’s video, head over to Fantazm Toys and order yours now!

If you happened to have missed it, last month, we had a chance to take a look at Fantazm’s ode to Ghostbusters II with the recently available Terror Tub! Continuing the larger-scale and highly detailed Class 10 assortment, the psychomagnotheric-filled basin served as a worthy follow-up to what was arguably the best Slimer figure ever made, with our full unboxing and review found below.

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