Ghostbusters 3.75″ scale action figures | TOY PROTOTYPE UNBOXING

In March, TCU Toys announced that they were partnering up with designer Arttoy Chile to produce a fan-made 3.75″ assortment of retro-style Ghostbusters action figures.

Designed much like the Kenner toys of yesteryear, in particular, the Star Wars and Indiana Jones lines, each Ghostbusters toy features a soft likeness to their big-screen counterpart, paired with 5-points-of-magnetic-articulation and a host of pack-ins, including the much-needed Proton Pack and attachable Neutrona Wand, along with character-specific accessories such as the Ecto Goggles and Ghost Trap.

In today’s feature, TCU Toys provided Ghostbusters News an early, albeit slightly unfinished, in-hand look at the figures, sending over a batch of unpainted prototypes, with our full unboxing and review found below.

It’s important to note that these toys are not licensed or endorsed by Sony Pictures or Columbia Pictures Ghost Corps and are 100% fan-made.

Released under the title of the “Zener Collection,” the figures are said to be from a “very limited run,” being resin 3D printed and then given a hand-painted finish. Each will come packaged on card, and available for $65. Alternatively, fans can pre-order an entire set comprising the four Ghostbusters and a surprise bonus figure that’ll be revealed later for $300. To order yours, visit TCU Toys on Instagram.

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