Ghostbusters II’s slime tub gets LEGO recreation

Ghostbusters II‘s slime-filled bathtub has received another fanmade homage, this time in LEGO form, providing the ectoplasmic minion of Vigo the Carpathian a brick-based recreation!

The build comes from Instagram user @kreativwerkstatt_muehlenbein, who not only shared images of the psychomagnotheric threat but also detailed instructions, including a specific parts list for those who’d like to build their own.

The overall build is rather impressive, as the slime creature, made up of 21 translucent LEGO pieces, manages to be easily recognizable, with its apparent mouth, porcelain (err… plastic?) basin, and yellow bricks making up a couple of bathtime accessories.

In addition to the congregation of pink mood slime, over the last year, @kreativwerkstatt_muehlenbein has shared a handful of other builds, including Ghostbusters II‘s Scoleri Brothers and a possessed Janosz Poha, alongside Afterlife‘s Bug-Eye Ghost and metal-devouring Muncher.

Much like the ghastly paranormal bathtub, @kreativwerkstatt_muehlenbein has also provided instructions for past builds (available through his Instagram), making it easy for fellow fans to recreate these iconic scenes, characters, and creatures, ordering individual LEGO bricks through longstanding community-driven sites such as Bricklink.

For more slime-filled fun, check out our review of independent toy maker Fantazm Toys‘ tribute to Ghostbusters II as we unbox and review their recently released Terror Tub.

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